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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by luke4tomorrow, Jan 9, 2008.

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  1. Hi,
    I'm in my last year of college now looking to join a pilot. With A-Levels only i'd be a midshipman but looking at an article in the Times Newspaper it listed college entry level candidates for pilot all as sub-lieutenants. Does your rank on entry depend on qualifications and role?Please advise.

    Many Thanks

  2. hi luke

    so you want to be an orificer and a pilot - a specialisation where you may have to take the initiative sometimes -

    have you even thought about ringing an AFCO instead of asking me - it does amaze me why we have AFCO's -

    welcome to RR
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Hi regardless of the newspapers, the Times is wrong:

    From 1 April 2007 a sliding scale of seniority based on Educational Qualifications was introduced. This scale is designed to reflect the more varied routes to a similar standard of qualification and is designed to widen the spread of applicants to the Naval Service. A summary of the scale is as follows:

    Masters Degree or Equivalent Antedated Seniority 3.5 yrs
    Graduate or equivalent 3 yrs
    Foundation Degree or equivalent HNC or Equivalent 1 yr
    Basic Entrant- GCSEs, GNVQ and A levels NIL

    These rules apply to mainstream X,E,L and RM officers. Existing rules will apply to E(TM/IS) entrants where credits for degree class and work experience will apply. UY/CC ENTRANTS.

    UY/CC entrants are likely to hold only the minimum officer entry qualifications but most join BRNC/CTCRM over the age of 21. Under current rules these UY/CCs join with 3 years seniority (Sub Lt + 1 Year). Unless special provision for UY/CCs was made, under the above rules based purely on Educational Qualifications, they would gain no antedated seniority having to join as Midshipman with no account taken of their previous Naval Service experience. UY/CCs will therefore be awarded up to 3 years seniority based on their experience since the age of 18 in recognition of their service as a former Rating/Other rank. No additional seniority based on educational qualifications will be made.

    Full years of service as rating since age of18 Rank/seniority – RN Rank (on entry) -RM Rank/seniority – RM after completion of Phase 2 training
    Less than 1 year Mid 2LT Lt
    1 year Mid with 1 years seniority 2LT Lt with 1 years seniority
    2 years S/Lt 2LT Lt with 2 years seniority
    3 years S/Lt 2LT Captain


    The introduction of JPA in November 2006 enabled the pay of new officer entrants to be harmonised across all 3 Armed Forces bringing the RN pay system into line with the Army and Royal Air Force. The main difference in the pay system is that non graduates will enter on a lower starting salary than graduates until they complete their initial officer training. From 1 April 2007 all non graduates join on OF1 Level 1 - £14349 pa until moving to OF1 Level 5 - £22680 on completing Initial Officer Training (on leaving Dartmouth or CTC Lympstone). They will then progress through the pay range by annual increments. On promotion to Sub Lieutenant they move to OF1 Level 6 - £27260.

    Graduates join on OF1 Level 7 – £27981 depending on qualifications and then progress through the pay range by annual increments.

    Good luck
  4. ninja - you are too damn nice - i hope your around when he wants some help trying to get out of a negative 4g dive
  5. I have already been in contact with the AFCO and have all the relevant information. I have the Career Guide for pilot in the RN and the ranks on entry. It was only when i came across this article that i wasn't sure whether i'd missed something or if the article was wrong.


    Thanks for the info anyway its cleared things up.

  6. glad to have helped
  7. Shag Shacker top advice for the young fella and spoken like a true Harrier man, which squadron were you on ?.. The jumper tuckers or the mighty 800th
  8. let me get this right - he's been to the AFCO and then decided to use the Times to overrule them.
  9. And why not? Reminds me of one sunny friday morning in Guz, I'd eaten my breakfast, and retired to the reading room for a quick flick through the papers with a cup of coffee. My eyes settled on the Services Appointments section of the Torygraph. Armed with impressive new information, I set off to our little corner of the yard, and announced to anyone I met, the name of our new skipper. Five minutes later, the jimmy (acting CO at the time) was demanding to know how I knew the contents of the s-i-c signal which had been sat, unopened, on his desk overnight. I let him throw all sorts of accusations at me before revealing my source.

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