Range of weights available?

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by 306dturbo, Dec 16, 2014.

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  1. Going on from my last thread, can anyone tell me the range of dumbells/weights available on submarines?

    Also if there is a bench etc? And if you are permitted to take whey/supplements on board?

    Would be nice to be able to retain a somewhat stocky physique even if serving

  2. You might find a long weight
  3. Assuming you have not yet qualified, if you are found to be wasting time using weights instead of doing your Part 3, you'll get your arse royally kicked by the rest of the mess. I kid you not.

    Whey and other supplements are a waste of your hard earned cash. I kid you not.

  4. Would there not be any free time in which to use the exercise equipment ? I understand it will be very busy with a 6/6 routine (heard it's 8/4 for ETMEs which I'm going for?) but thought might have chance to do some exercise only 45-60 min worth
  5. Obviously your boat and running will affect things, but you will be very strongly 'encouraged' to get all your task books and Part 3 out of the way ASAP. That's not to say you can't sit and arm curl the BRs/SOPs - seen it done!!
  6. While you qualify you will most likley be working 18 hours per day. Any spare time you should be getting your part 3 done. Enough time for training your body once you have trained your mind.
  7. How about someone just answers the ******* question for the lad?
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  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    There isn't a definitive answer, unless you have one yourself.

    Each unit, like any civilian multi-gym, will have their own, independently acquired set of training equipment, usually funded through various grants schemes such as Nuffield, Sports Fund & Welfare Funded items.

    For those yet to join, supplements are not permitted in training - afterwards, if you have space in your locker & they are legit, crack-on.

    For bodybuilders, it's worth being aware initial training focuses on CV fitness & a BMI over 28 is a medical fail.
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  9. Been on a boat?
    Done a sneaky?
    Done a Part 3?
    Lent your kit/borrowed kit to/from another boat?

    If so, you'll know the answers have been given.
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  10. Cock!
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  11. if you have sufficient energy left at the end of the working watch then I am sure that there will be many senior rates who will only be too willing to dish out a few humping and shifting tasks.
  12. Given the attitude shown here, I'm amazed if the OP still wants to join up.

    OP - never served in a boat, but if their phys outfit is like a small ship's, if expect dumb bells up to 40kg is 5 or 2.5 increments. There may be power bags instead of weights.
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  13. Thanks to those who did indeed answer the questions but I'm all too used to banter and getting pillocked which I guess will be an advantage/make life easier in the service lol

    On the topic of supplements, I probably wouldn't bother considering they're only effective with a proper diet geared towards building mass, which I imagine is not what's served on a boat so may as well save that for when not out when I have a bit more control of my diet.

    I'm not one for pursuing a ridiculously large physique, I have mates who do just that and while the time and effort put in is commendable it is obvious it's not really of any use in everyday life and especially if they were to join the forces. However they intend to compete in shows etc so they have their own goals. I myself am 5ft 9, weigh 180lbs so not at all the size of a 'bodybuilder' but I do enjoy using weights as part of my fitness training
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  14. We have a bench onboard, along with bars, a range of weights for them, kettlebells, and powerblocks. Plenty enough to be getting on with. As has been said though, you'll be expected to smash in time qualifying SMQ and in your watchkeeping position. If you've got time to lift weights, you've got time to trace a system. Get qualified and, as an ME, you'll have plenty of off watch time to train later.
  15. It isn't like a small ship. IF you are lucky there might be an exercise bike in between the weapon racks. IF you are lucky there may be a bar and some free weights. IF you are lucky there may be a bench too. Then bear in mind people are sleeping there too - probably the OP until he qualifies. Then there are the weapon handling tasks and drills. Oh, and if in the patrol quite state the sonar bods don't like to hear the clang of weights. Neither does the skipper.

    The boat you're trailing might though.
  16. Which boat is that out of curiosity Pompey? Be interesting to see how differently equipped the different classes and individual boats are
  17. Sorry, not the sort of info I am willing to put on an open forum, but it's my seventh boat and not unusual in the phys kit we have onboard. As Sonar Bender says though, there will be times when the kit's out of use for various reasons.
  18. Understandable, sorry I asked that without really thinking of where we are!

    The fact it will be out of bounds at certain times is again part and parcel, better than not being able to use it at all!
  19. I forgot what a bunch of prima-donnas submariners can be.

    Next you'll be telling me how much more professional you all are.
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  20. Ooooh, get you princess! ;)

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