Random shite sportsmen/women

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by BFC_69, Mar 1, 2010.

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  1. I realise I run the risk of this being swiftly moved to the gash barge, but at the weekend was on the lag with a few mates when we started to recall shite late 80's early 90's footballers...

    I would like to open this up to the class, with a slight change as to not discriminate, with it being sports people who were revered in their field for being a bit crap...

    To open, a nice simple one to give you the idea;


    Carlton Lloyd Palmer - The worst player I can ever remember playing for England!
  2. John Barnes, brilliant for Liverpool but a shite international......bit like Gerrard.
  3. Heskey now there's a real clumsy talentless cock
  4. Looks like MOBO awards so far. :wink:
  5. Graham Taylor, England mis-manager.
  6. he was also a shite manager but at least he could rap. ;)

    Worst footballer i have ever seen play for celtic. Du Wei.
  7. You may also be forgetting the filth, that is scott brown. Good player, but sh*te in the way he gets sent off for disgusting violent conduct ;)

  8. After this weekend, I would like to nominate the whole of the England Rugby team :evil:
  9. Don't get me started on the lowlife that is kyle lafferty he is a cowered an a cheat of a footballer I would quite happily run him over and then reverse back over him the sooner he is out of football the better the cheating bassa. He has now got two players sent off for pretending to have been head but in the face.
  10. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    Ahh, i do love the old firm ;)
  11. Seconded!
  12. Borthwick needs sacking. Worst team captain I've ever seen. Never see him talking to the team or giving players a bollocking when they fcuk up. Doesn't even bother chatting to the ref like Johnson used to, to try and blag penalties.
  13. Gascoigne fcuking brills till the bottle took charge - Rooney next best but he's still only a pup wish the other 10 were half as good
  14. Eddie The Eagle now there was one crap sportsman
  15. Du Wei? Really? Remember this gem? We had him first tho... Most memerable for shagging Kirsty Gallagher! oh and some outstanding own goals!

  16. What about that runner bint who pisses herself in the street and crapped out of more marathons than Marieanne Faithful?
  17. She isn't as bad as that South African (Thanks for the UK passport) Zola Budd who blagged British Citizenship in time for the Olympics, failed miserably and then disappeared
  18. At least she took out the gobby septic Wreck so not all bad......budd
  19. Martin johnson great player pish coach
  20. lol my misses tripped him up when we were doing the tour round paradise,
    tried to get past us in the lobby just as she decided to change direction,bbj and the holy goalie were pissin themselves.

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