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Random rants...................

I "borrowed" the idea from another discussion forum (so apologies for that!) but thought it was quite good........
Time to fulfill a social need. A thread on which you can have a rant at anything that you wish to have a rant at.

A pet hate of mine: people who stand chattering in shop aisles blocking the way with their trolleys, then glare at you when you try to push past!!

The people who, when they are at the bar in front of you, order their drinks, a round for about half of the population of London, one at a time. You know them.
A pint of lager. and a pint of bitter. and a large whiskey. and another pint of lager and a list as long as my arm which I will reveal one item at a time so the bar staff cannot serve anyone else until I have completed this order in this tedious fashion.

I make a point of trying to trip them up as they leave the bar.

People start your rants. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
People who bullshit and think they are something there not, just to try and gain favour and friendships or career gain.

Dont like people who are arrogant either, treat people how you like to be treated!!!!!!!


Lantern Swinger
Ranting. I just hate it when I'm ranting, oh, and the supermarket one too!!!
Bar one's easy, dont buy a round!! :oops:
geoff(ers) :?


War Hero
Book Reviewer
Lorries overtaking at 51 mph on the motorway. Going uphill. On the M4 between J18 and J15. Between 0700 and 0745 on a weekday morning.


War Hero
People who walk thorugh shop doorways then stop for a think, or a gossip. Smacks of lack of consideration and a lack of awareness of what's going on around them.

And cage dwellers who close the gap between lanes when they notice motorcycles filtering. I can wait, and a boot in the door on the way past isn't really going to bother me quite as much as it will them.


Your boss saying "It won't take long but could you just look at . . . . . . . . . and brief me. . . . . . . . . .tomorrow. . . . . . . . . first thing. . . . . . . . it won't take long"
Where to begin...... ?

Travellers on the underground who rush past to be the first on the escalator, and then just stop on the step and ride. I usually walk up for exercise as I have a deskjob (don't want to get a lardass !)

People with suitcases on wheels - they should have wing mirrors fitted

People on mobiles who seem to go blind when talking on them and just shoulder charge you out of the way

People who just HAVE to light up when leaving the underground/bus - I'm a non-smoker and I don't like lungs full of toxic fumes !!

Chariots cunningly disguised as pushchairs/prams used by members of the opposite gender to take your ankles out

I'm sure I could think of more........
Foriegn fcuking lorry drivers...what a menace,
last orders being called early...cnuts
Ignorant parents who cant control their kids.
cold callers.
Cold callers who cant speak fcuking English.
Cold callers who fail to realise what "fcuk off" means.
Women in big cars with small driving skills.
Whinging bike riders who complain other drivers cant see them....try not undercutting people at 110mph then you tossers.
The huggy wuggy sanctamonious [email protected] at the BBC.
People who insist on meetings when what needs to be said can be done over the telephone.
The English cricket team....could they have picked a bigger bunch of out of form jessies?
Dont even get me started on the Govt............... :evil:

You would of loved me then, whilst working at New Scotland Yard and regularly using the rattler (Underground) a sport with commuters: when changing trains at stations walk very slowly and step side to side, even better if there are two of you, creates dam effect and people spill down each side of you. Holding a full size or golf umbrella horizontally has the same effect.

Purchase your Evening Standard, tear hole in front page of same then stare at people through the hole. Surprising how quickly you par of the carriage clears.



Lantern Swinger
God where do i begin.....................

People that dont indicate when going round a round about so you dont know what part theyre coming off at!!!!!! I mean its quite simple really as you dont even have to move your hand to knock the indicator it is simply a matter of flicking your finger either up or down!!!!!!!! LAZY BAST8RDS!!!

Yep, people gobbing off in the shopping aisles blocking everywhere up.

And also when your stood in a que why do some people find it absolutely necessary to stand so close to you. Some people have stood that close to me that you could not fit a rizzler paper in between me or the other person!!!!!!!! And it especially annoys me when im paying by chip and pin and theyre looking right over my shoulder at what im doing!! Nosey txxts!!

Yep, lorries overtaking on the motorway doing 50 sodding MPH!!! Blocking all 3 lanes sometimes too!!!

People that snort snot so loud you can hear every part of it. And i mean the type of person that goes on to swallow it. AARRRRGGGHHH!! Dirty G1ts!!!

Oh and also your typical chav that thinks theyre from the bronx in NY!! The usual trackies with socks on the outside and chav trainers, dripping in gold!!

Ill probably think of some more rants in a min so expect another posting on here from me later. Haha!!!


Lantern Swinger
1. News stories that happen in other parts of the world and for some reason they take priority of the news of events happening in this country.

2. Middle lane drivers who don't take a hint when they are being overtaken and undertaken.

3. Trying to get off a train in London. On-coming passengers trying to get on, and blocking all the passengers on the train from getting off.

4. Smokers who just because they've been on a train for 2 stops need to light up right outside the door for me to breathe in.

5. People who go on holiday and the first thing they do, is turn on the mobile phone. Your on holiday, relax.

6. Jack's not happy unless he's dripping!


Bus drivers who never pull in at bus stops - so blocking the road.

Bus drivers who think they own the road.

Eastenders - It is sooooo shit. It is a waste of the licence fee.

Mothers and prams - carry them on your back.

Scooters driven by kids.

People who dial the wrong number and then ask you on the phone "are you sure".

Women with big sunglasses on. What is the point?


Banks and their 'fair charges'.

People who sit infront, behind and next to me at the cinema.

People who buy sweets and popcorn at the cinema and eat it during the film. Wrappers on the sweets really p*** me off.

Deleted 7

What annoys me!

My fella still thinking he is worse off! OK, we need a new car and his boss is an arse, up until recently I have been fighting for a job and have now been employed with a cracking company! On the plus I am 9 weeks and 5 days pregnant, with aches and pains, cravings, sickness and a constant peeing every frigging 20 mins, too emotional, having to put up with an arrogant male doctor (on my own) and a bloody annoying flat mate of my fella who thinks he is worse off than every one else just because he is african! God, please give me a sledge hammer!

He says I am a woman and it's part of life.................and get this...............

I don't understand what he is going through!


War Hero
Can I borrow that sledge hammer after you Jenny?? I'll pay for the postage :evil: Don't worry 2nd trimesters are suppose to better (so I'm told!). Don't know what you are going to do about the other 2 babies though?? :p xx

Deleted 7

Does it matter if the sledge hammer is stained with blood :twisted:


War Hero
Patients or relatives at work who try on the "He/She cant walk to the ambulance" then a few hours later they are seen walking out of A&E fit as a flea having struggled with Mr or Mrs lardarse down flights of stairs. perhaps you fat fucks out there would like to pay my fucking osteopaths fees every week you lazy, cnuts!!!

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