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  1. Anyone thinking of or on their way to the Royal Australian Navy ? I am in the process of transferring, less than 2 years to do and I'm off with the family. I know that they are really short of people at the moment and are trying to lure many matelots from the RN. I met their recruiting people in a pub near Yeovilton a couple of months ago and they are desperate for people to join.
  2. Got three and a half left mate, but thats where I want to be when I leave :)
    No point me contacting them yet though I think.
  3. Fair one....don't blame you...or anyone for that matter !!
  4. How have you found the whole process mate?
    Is it relatively easy to find housing etc?
  5. As one who has lived in this fair land for some years and had experience with the RAN I recommend it for any RNer looking for fresh pastures for self and family. Opportunity galore although I still miss many things about the old country and people
  6. I will miss Leicester Tigers and all of the sport here, but rugby is a religion in Aus as well, so I'm sure I'll cope !! Having watched some of the idiots going into the Big Brother house yesterday......I think I'm making the right decision !!
  7. Well, as a kid I played for Saracens for 7 years, and my eldest son is now playing and enjoying his rugby, so THAT won't be a problem :)
  8. Haven't got to the housing bit yet mate....just completed the application forms and waiting for the next load of paperwork. They have married quarters although I don't think that they're on a "patch" so to speak. Housing to buy is cheaper than the UK, although the wages are lower in Aus....I think that taking your lump sum and pension with you to Aus to top up your RAN wage that you would be reasonably comfortable. Obviously housing in the cities are more expensive....in particular in Sydney.
  9. About ten years ago they were actively recruiting Canadian naval officers and several went down. I understand they all did quite well.
  10. Yeah, looking at Adelaide myself :) got family friends there which helps ;)
  11. I know a Chief who moved to the RAN a year ago, and is having a place built in Adelaide....1.75 acres of land and a 5 bedroomed house....250,000....amazing and the way ahead I think !!

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