RAN to offer Submariners up to $50,000 incentives

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by PedlarP, Feb 8, 2016.

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  1. How difficult is it to retro-fit a Stannah Stair Lift
    in an Aussie boat then? Who do I call?

  2. I can see it now.

    OOW - "Chief Electrician, Motor Room at the rush, full earth on Fwd Battery"

    Me - "On my way...be there in 20 minutes"
  3. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    With the current exchange rate, that'll just about buy me lunch tomorrow :)
  4. Can I lie about my age Bruce?
  5. There is a good reason why the Aussies are prepared to offer big bucks to their submariners. The submarine base is in Western Australia and most of the population live thousands of miles away on the east and south east coast. Also the Aussie navy has nothing to learn when it comes to pissing off their sailors.
  6. At least Faslamabad is only 500 odd miles from civilisation :)
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  7. how far does $50k stretch over there?
  8. It is roughly $2aus to the pound. I don't think the cost of living is much different but I am happy to be corrected.
  9. But look at the view. No rain, sleet, snow. No freezing your arse off at harbour stations
    and they've replaced the police boat with Flipper the bush kangaroo.


    Besides that - my brother in law and his wife live a few miles outside of Perth. Oh a bloke can
    dream........anyway it's back to reality and nights and coffee and cheap quid microwave meals
    and staying awake and driving home in a coma and going to bed and getting up and driving
    to work and doing it all over again.
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  10. Prices are roughly equivalent (in terms of spending power): you'll get paid $100k+, but you'll be living somewhere that will cost you $100k+.
  11. See the have a PARRIS dome on the pointy end
  12. Not nearly as expensive to live as it is in England...apart from a packet of smokes. Petrol is around 55p a litre at the moment. Milk is 1pound for 2 litres. Beer is around 2 pound for a schooner.
  13. How big is a schooner?
  14. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Is that Beer or Aussie piss?
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  15. was not questioning the content just the volume it holds? always fill it with Auzzy wine?
  16. W.A. Particularly Perth is V V expensive due to all the mining and offshore stuff run from the State. To give you an example when working in Norway recently it was only the 2 guys from Perth who didn't have a major moan about the cost of living in Norway.
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  17. It is a long time since I was in Australia and they may have standardised the measures across all the states now but in NSWs it was about two thirds of a pint. It was different in Queensland where they tend to drink beer in small glasses because the warmer weather makes the cold beer get warm to quickly.
  18. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I was in Sydney in 1966 and they were serving it in a Schooner which was like a jug, it held about 2 pints and you were given small glasses (about a third of a pint) to actually drink from. We formed the habit of ordering a round of Schooners and drinking from them like a pint pot. We were asked to leave several places!
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  19. Sumo a schooner is around 375mils. Then there are middies, which are smaller, and 'pony's', which are for wimps or airy fairies....hardly worth the effort of picking up the glass

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