Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by gotto, Mar 19, 2013.

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  1. Hey, was just wondering who else is going to Raleigh on the 8th December 2013?

  2. Me............
  3. Can you let me know if Wreckers late again.
    Lazy bastard.
  4. What job spec?
  5. This should be good...
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  6. I'm never late, sometimes the Cornish clocks go a bit faster.

    As for the OP, I'll have to be there as Drakey knows me and he's the Captain, Fancy that eh!! ;)
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  7. It's a mystery to most of us to be honest.
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  8. I've been had.
  9. ;) ..................................................
  10. Don't say that in the showers.:shock:
  11. No you haven't, Wreckler works as a cleaner in Raleigh and Drakey looks after the vegetables and does a bit of weeding out.
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  12. This is going to be an exciting career..
  13. OK so I lied about Wrecker, he's just a slut they bring in now and again to help behind the NAAFI bar on gay theme nights.
  14. He does lie. It's not called the NAAFI any more.
  15. Thinking about it, that's nearer the truth than you think!
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  16. It was deliberate.
    I recon the slut bit is getting there as well.
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  17. Oh the memories! Eight years as a leading spud bosun, then thrust into the melee of part one instructing for four years.:shock:

  18. Me, but not for long as I've got a "make and mend"
  19. Gotto.You won't be on your own. Watch your back though. You never know who is watching over you. As for that Wrecker bloke..........

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