My son is off to Raleigh and together we are working through the 4 page kit list and I was wondering if there is anything not on the kit list that they wished they took! Any advice would be fantastic here! It's not that he can just 'pop to the shop'
Any tips or pointers very welcome
Many thanks


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To keep life simple, over the years, the kitlist provided by the AFCO is actually "owned" by HMS Raleigh and evolves regularly to include all essential items upon joining.

There are no secrets, hidden agendas of secret tips that give any recruit in the know and advantage over the average recuit who just follws their joining letter to the letter.

It's appreciated there will be those willing to offer a few tips, but my advice is simply stick with the script.


It would be interesting to see what is on the kit list these days.

Did a site search and Nija's post from 2008 is 404 page not found

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Microfiber towels x 2 (only for locker presentation), one normal towel for drying after a shower. Also a hand towel for going on 'exercise'.

There is a shop on base that sells pretty much everything you will need at Raleigh for an inflated price.


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In my class we all had different kit lists, personally I took 4 towels (washed a few times before) so I could have 2 display ones, 3extra pairs of new washed boxers for display, a clothes brush and a lint roller, 10hangers rather than 5 (foulie, gortex, smock, afternoon rig, tomorrow's rig and three for your locker. I also took twisties and dry bags for exercises but these can be bought at the naffi. Other than this just double up on toiletries and washing liquid cause the naffi knows how to charge for these

Half of my locker only moved for kit inspections through the whole ten weeks, all about playing the game and what Division you end up in


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My son asked for shin splints and gel boot insoles when he was there. Other than that, he got by with the kit issued. That was about ten or so years ago!!!