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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ufcgaz, Sep 25, 2010.

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  1. Quick question going in raleigh tmoz and had a few holidays and meals out the usual still been training but am very slightly over my weight I needed to.be in my medical can do the pjft and rnft times on the run and can do the swimming test just wondering what.might happen to me
  2. Dont worry, when you get to Raleigh you will find the medical different.Youll be fine.
  3. Thanks that.puts my mind at ease
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Those foolish enough to arrive at HMS Raleigh overweight can expect to be under threat of discharge under the 56 day rule. If they also fail to pass the RN Fitness Test or Military Swimming Test, in addition to being overweight, they're history.

    This is a current hot issue & it frankly beggars belief that anyone could possibly think it's OK to arrive overweight.
  5. Its chico NS, suprised? :p
  6. Good! Does ninja put your mind at ease? If not dont go! :)
  7. I didnt say its fine going overweight to raleigh! I said he will be fine in medical, they never took our weight, just asked us questions!
  8. ufcgaz

    Welcome to Rum Ration!

    If I may ask, how much do you weigh as of today and how tall are you?
  9. Thanks and I'm 90kg and 1.8m tall
  10. Age (I'm just calculating your BMI and it asks for age)
  11. Hair colour also please?
  12. 19 and I'm supposed to be 88.5kg well I did for my medical will I get weighed at raleigh Nd would they send me packing over it even though I can do all the tests
  13. That's a BMI of 27.7
  14. Only yesterday on my way out of the gate there were 3 phase 1 (ex) who were leaving - one because he had failed to pass his pjft. Sad innit'.

    I have to run mine again in Faslane this week - fortunately i'm as svelt as the day i joined, I'm just holding a little water today.
  15. Which means what?
  16. oh ok, i'm not as svelt as the day I joined, its nothing to do with water retention. Its beer ok? Its BOGOF in Walkabout in guzz.

    Happy now? You meanie, and i didnt have a go at your weight.
  17. Curiousity question here, is there a chart or list anywhere saying what the bmi/weight range is for people wanting to join? does it relate to age too?
  18. stop eatin all them pies fat boy
  19. For a sensible answer to OP. It means you are overweight on the BMI scale. As 25 is the upper score for healthy weight. Of course there are people with high muscle mass who are over 25 on the BMI as muscle weighs more than adipose tissue.

    BMI isnt exceptionally accurate but it is a useful guideline and in combination with other testing methods can give you a good idea of where you are at in a training programme.

    As to how your BMI will affect you when ya get to raleigh, Im sure Ninja Stoker, Super Mario or maybe even Angry Doc will have a far more in depth, official answer for you as they are the recruiting/med people etc
  20. Mmmmn Pies. Tho being a bluenose you have probably eaten them already so theres none left for us :p

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