Raleigh, week by week schedule????

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by BigJumper, Jun 29, 2012.

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  1. I go to Raleigh soon and was looking for a bit of info. I have used the search function and can't find anything. So I was wondering if anyone had a basic breakdown of what happens week by week at Raleigh. It was on the official Royal Navy site but I can't find it since they have revamped the site, any help would be appreciated.

    edit: I've found some recruit diaries in another thread
    Entry 9 | Royal Navy Initial Recruits Training Diaries

    If anyone else wants to look at them. Two weeks Sunday I'll be there, there's bit of nervousness and excitement creeping in.
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  2. Just treat it like an adventure.

    Every day a new start. New things to learn and develop.

    Why spoil it by knowing what is around the corner. No one told me or gave me a chit with a programme on it. I dare say if they did I may have not turned up!!!!!!!

    Don't forget the fun starts after training!
  3. Thanks, I just wanted an idea of what to expect really. I can't wait, I just want to get there and start after waiting over 2 years, anyway I'm off down the gym
  4. I passed out about 3 months ago from Raleigh. Just go and enjoy it. The first few days are awful due to the admin. but from week 2 it's really good. Highlights are Pier Cellars, Dartmoor, Jupiter Point and all the phys. The IMF is hard but really good. You'll get beasted in IMF but its worth it. You'll notice it when you do the RNFT in week 5.
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  5. Thanks, the only thing I'm worried about is my upper body strength, I can do the bare numbers just about for the press-ups and sit-ups(still working on them) and looking at the diaries it's got me a bit worried but I'm still looking forward to it, the run and the swimming test I've got no problems with. Ah well no better way of finding out than jumping in the deep end, as they say. Thanks again for the words of encouragement
  6. Work on the upper body as much as you can. The pressups are a killer when the PTI calls out the timing. You do the sit ups and press ups as part of PT superior in week 8. You also do the bleep test at that point.
  7. The secret my friend is to dig deep. Work as a team and help each other.

    If one of your course has a weakness then the rest should, (no pun) raleigh round and help.
  8. Thanks again to everyone, you've set my mind at ease (sort of haha), I am and have been working on it, it's just one of them things I struggle with but I will be digging as deep as possible at all times. Really looking forward to it now, as it's getting closer and closer though the nerves are coming as well, but I suppose it's good to have a few nerves as it's a total change of life for me at the age of 28.
  9. Waspie has it spot on here mate. Though a little forward planning is no bad thing you have a bit of an adventure ahead, and take it as it comes.

    You may well have some weak areas (I could barely swim when I joined - not recommended!), but you can balance that with your strengths and as Waspie says, teamwork is a huge part of it. With the right attitude you'll have a great time - good luck.

    Excuse rare serious post, but just realised it's 35 years on Wednesday since I did what you are about to do.
  10. I doubt you'll be the oldest. Phys is easier when your all together doing the same thing for the same reason. I don't mean physically easier but you get my drift.
  11. Do they still do the Mud Run??, now that was fun.....
  12. When was that then? Never heard of it at Raleigh.
  13. Mud run? Nothing like that when I did it. You get muddy doing the assault course though. As for being 28, I'm 30 and still wasn't the oldest. If you can't do some of the phys (press ups etc) you'll get a hard time from the PTIs but as long as they can see genuine effort, you'll be ok.

    If you play the game you'll be fine ie. make your bed, do your ironing, work hard at everything and help those that aren't good at something.

    I was nervous as hell, but everyone will be the same.
  14. I don't mind them giving me a hard time and I will be giving my all, all of the time. I was just a bit worried as I know my upper body strength isn't the best it never has been, but thanks for all the advice in this thread so far.

    To be honest I'm a bit disappointed no-one has been in taking the piss yet ;-P

    Thanks again people
  15. I wouldn't worry too much about the upper body stuff as you seem to have the attitude to face the bits you may find difficult, and will be pushed to achieve the required standard.

    You will need to shave off your 'tache and affro, and a shell suit is not acceptable dress here in Torpoint. Also please let me know when you are on course so that I can double lock my doors.

    You did ask.

    Good luck.
  16. Hahaha that's more like it, thanks again everyone for the great advice, looking forward to it even more now
  17. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    You're lucky i'm busy.
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  18. [email protected], I know I've seen some of your other posts and while highly amusing I'm glad you're busy ;-P
  19. Enjoy it. I did 38yrs ago.
  20. i was there in may 11 the 4th group to go through the new 10 week course what stuff you want to know ? the first week is genral admin and will drag pretty bad you'l get some guys missing home and leave we had one guy cry when they were lopping his hear off .........dont take loads of nutty you have to bin it once you get through the gates and briefed by the master at arms. 2nd week is about staying in a bivvie and wet amnd dry routine(something youl learn to love) through out it all you'l be loving the continous briefs and he scran ..........want any more info PM me il see if i can dig out the 10 week course guide or il keep a eye on the thread an update you that way :) get ready for IMF too thats always one to love :)

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