Raleigh Vaccinations and other tests


Hi all, am heading off to Raleigh in 2 months and was wondering if they give you any vaccinations right when you enter Raleigh? Will they be taking blood samples too? What about pregnancy tests?

I'm not worried about them, I just want to be as ready as possible. Cheers!


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I'm curious as to how you get ready for these vaccinations and blood tests? There definitely won't be a pregnancy test if you are male (maybe).


In the info pack they send you when you get offered your place it does say that you need a copy of all your vaccination history from your GP. If not, they will assume you haven’t had them all and will issue you them again

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You go to the medical centre in week one and you have to get quite a lot of vaccinations depending on what you’ve already had over the past 10 years and what documentation you have with you to prove them. I got 4 on the Monday (2 each arm) and some blood taken as well just one tube then if you need more vaccinations they schedule you in for week 7 for them

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