Raleigh training


@JackFH , I've just started getting my kit together for Raleigh. Can you suggest any items that I should double up on that are a b!tch to keep clean for kit muster? shoe brushes etc?


I’m in week 8 when I get back from summer leave. Anyone have any questions at all about training :)
Hey , I’m joining in November and can you’ve explain how fit you truly have to be because all your told is to train but would be nice to compare my self to something also I’m nearly 17 so is there any other people similar to my age


@Ollie_L you don’t need to be a machine but need to have a good body weight strength and overall running fitness. I was a quite fat before I can here and have lost a lot of weight whilst being here but the imf syllabus which is the fitness you do is a gradual build of your fitness so by pass out you’ll be significantly fitter so just make sure you can bang press ups and sit ups out well and your run time is good and you’ll be fine. Also the messes are all mixed age ranging from 16-30 so there is a good mixture and it’s good to have that as there are different personalities all coming together. Hope that helps mate.


@Mr_Gillette bring some baby wipes for boots and also kiwi foam polish for the under soles it’s amazing for the boots it’s like gold at Raleigh apart from that that’s really it everything else is decent enough and remember your pens as we’ll for kit marking so your white and black pens.