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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by smithy12, Oct 6, 2008.

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  1. i was just curious on what happens if you fail a test at Raleigh ie the weapons training? do you get a certain number of re tries or is it out on you ear 1st fail?

    also im a typical bloke and crap at ironing and folding, went to rnac and still am awful at it , do u get shown it in detail when you arrive at raleigh?

  2. I hope I get shown how to shower and shave!
  3. When you've had yer kit thrown about numerous times because it isn't right, ....you'll get to know how to fold it correctly believe you me!!

    ..and the ironing bit...hold by the handle when using..the bottom plate bit gets hot!!! FFS!!!!!!
  4. :nod: :rofl: :thumright: :thumright:
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Nothing like a positive attitude, eh? Being a bloke has got nothing to do with being able to iron.

    One cannot help but wonder if you were sent on an RNAC for good reason by your AFCO. If you fail the Weapons Test on subsequent re-takes you will be discharged unsuitable during training. (DUDT).

    By spooky co-incidence, if you fail to meet the fitness standards or fail your kit musters upon retake, you will be hoofed out DUDT also.

    You cannot say you weren't aware of the fact you need to practice washing and ironing, so despite the fact you will again be shown how to iron, you only have yourself to blame if you join unable to iron your kit - don't expect others to teach you, get off the computer and start practising.

    For every month out of a job, should you try to re-join after being DUDT, you effectively lose £1084 wasted potential income.
  6. The modern serviceman does not have much kit now (does he ??).Alot of the stuff is civvy stuff init .gone are the day of towels pussers for the use of 'gym shoes pussers white for the use of underwear pussers white for the use of .Surely the dont lay there kits out all tiddly in cardboard (seamanship manual size .Kit all rolled up and tied with whit tape laid out on a blanket with your kitbag in the middle all sewn up and stamped with your name .Surely thing have changed ?????????? =) :w00t:
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Yep, it's no longer A5 sized (BR1961 Seamanhip Manual), it's A4 sized including your civilian bought items of kit.

    Until they've tried folding a black oilskin "gas cape" to A5 without a hydraulic press, they don't know they're born nowadays....
  8. My Mum's been giving me a crash course on Ironing, Handwashing, Sewing, all the things you know you should know. I suggest you do the same :thumright:
  9. :thumright: That's how I learned it too... plus cooking, using the potty correctly and reading bedtime stories.

    I hope you're practicing rising at 0530 every day, ironing nice creases in your duvet covet every morning before work and going to bed at 2100! :twisted: Sounds just like borstal....... :rofl:

    The rest of the cookery was learned on Second Year Camp: roasting sausages etc on a bayonet over an open fire. Happy days. I have this odd feeling that you wouldn't be allowed to give 12 year old boys old bayonets to cook with (and practice fencing neggers eyes protection) these days. Sad really. They were a great way to warm cold cocoa up before bedtime! :)

    My first taste of fencing was on this camp - loved it! Great way to get back at the boys bullying me! First blood.... :w00t:
  10. Ahh the old black oilskins !! and cold weather gear we used to hace when we were in the artic etsc they were the days !!
  11. It makes no difference if it is ironed to perfection or not, it still gets slung across the mess.
  12. Back in the day PO (sonar) Twist (a right basteward) kit muster, kit all over the mess, boots out window, locker trashed. Sent to fire school to check building number (whole lot of us). Us smart feckers sent racing snake ahead to get said number, while we hung around by assault course. Got caught by Twist and the GI. Feck me i can still hear those two giving it large. Got goose bumps now have to go for a lie down in a dark room.

  13. Ohh now that would be a luxury, perhaps I could get them to teach me how to tie shoelaces too!
  14. I wanted to join as a Tiff or an occifer. But I couldn't tie a tie.
  15. Do you want a quick run down on how to iron things? It's not difficult.
  16. What's an 'iron'?
  17. Now that ain't fair! ;)

    Stepto, in the olden days (ask Janner) wooden rolling pins were used to put creases in (damp) kit which I understand was VERY time consuming. By the time Whitemouse and Nutty joined the RN has discovered that metal could be heated via conduction from electric heating elements embedded adjacent to a metal plate, so they were allocated one iron per Division. When Scouse joined up they were allocated one iron per Mess. When Lamri joined up it was two irons per mess and by then each mess had its very own electrical socket. Now if you dont bring your own or have very good oppos, your kit acquires the Submariner look.... ;) :lol: Also don't forget in these days of government cutbacks that you now need to bring your own socket! :biggrin:
  18. Oh I warrant if you DON'T shower or shave you'll be - - - erm!!! shown!!!!!

    I wonder if the cure of carbolic soap and bass broom method is still about. Or has it been banned under the Geneva Conventions!!!!!!!! :dontknow:
  19. One of our chaps yesterday asked about shaving. He was told to be clean shaven. He replied "Er...can I just have a close shave...?"

    He was told "Look, just make sure you are clean shaven...". :frustrated:

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