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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by charlotte_lbt, May 19, 2010.

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  1. Hey, I'm really sorry if I'm repeating something that has been said like a million times...

    I know that HMS Raleigh closes for a few weeks during the summer for summer leave but was just wandering if anyone knew what date we would go back?!

    Again, I apologise if this has already been said. x
  2. I believe it's 6th Aug to 6th Sept

    Unless you're a Crabmariner then it's 5th Aug to 6th Sep
  3. It closes for a month after the first friday in august so when ever that is, this year it should open around the 6th? could be wrong.
  4. I've posted it before but gen dit 2 clips 2pins with a safeguard

    5th August to 5th of September
  5. You really are determined to go on leave a day early aren't you Wrecker? :wink:
  6. You going back to work on a Sunday? You Crabmariners are weird, I'm sure the skimmers prefer to go back to work on the 6th Sept which is a Monday lol
  7. Probably something to do with the mysterious 'fifth watch' tommo.

    You know what they're like.
  8. That is true Guz, I will never understand their species
  9. 6th August hopefully, thats when I'm due to "pass out" in the august heatwave..
  10. Amended to say I was posting the the 2011 leave dates to pre-empt next years enquiries :oops:

    But for this year it is indeed the 6th Aug to the 6th Sept.

    As the wait times for branches is nearly 2 years the summer leave dates at Raleigh for 2012 are 3rd Aug to 3rd Sep :D
  11. That's 'coz we is speshul innit
  12. :highfive:
  13. if summer leave is four weeks in august ,and your basic training has just finished as you go on leave, will some recruits have the full four weeks off before joing phase two training and others go onto phase two without the summer leave
  14. I have read that six or seven times and haven't got a clue what you mean. Raleigh closes. You go on leave. Why should some be selected to not go on leave?

    Sorry if I'm missing something here.
  15. Maxwell

    Welcome to Rum Ration!

    I don't think they would be able to skip Summer Leave as the Phase 2 places would be having Summer Leave too.
  16. Phase 2 Training Establishments would have Block Leave too, no?
    Perhaps all Leave dates could be made into a sticky to assist the noobs.
    Amended twice weekly to ensure it's really up to date. :wink:
  17. i've asked this at my AFCO maxwell, and they said they'll let us know because they weren't sure if HMS Sultan is closed for 3 or 4 weeks. They said they'll let us know, and not to book any holidays untill their certain! :)

    Are you joining 6th June aswell?
  18. sorry ill try again
    my basic training starts 6th june and finishes begining of august
    this is when the summer leave is supposed to start for 4 weeks
    so will i A be given the four weeks off then start phase two after
    or B as i have finished basic training go staright on to phase two with no summer break
  19. You will have a summer break. Either way either after Basic or during Phase 2 depending on when you pass out and which base you will be. First of all worry about getting in and passing out first
  20. yea im joining 6th june

    thanks for the welcome to all

    would be sweet if we <the recruits on 6th of june> had the 4 weeks off before phase two hey pal

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