Raleigh Start date 20th 2015

I'm going in as a Seaman Specialist on the same date as you! I'm chuffed of it being so close, I was expecting a 2 year waiting list lol. Any of you lot have facebook?


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A little tip regarding personal security (persec) for those joining the service:

Do not announce you are joinng the Armed Forces if your Facebook profile includes your real name nor announce join dates or specific details of your travel itinery. The service monitors persec breaches & you can be assured you and your fellow recruits will be made painfully aware of any indiscretions in the public domain.
There isn't anywhere they can private message on here is there? It would be nice for a few of them to contact each other before but I understand what you are saying about names etc
Hover your cursor over your screen name at top right, on the drop down menu. click on "conversations" and away you go..simples. Conversations are the same as private messaging.

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