Raleigh - Phase 2?

Had a search round and google'd up but haven't been able to find any information about after HMS Raleigh.
My entry date is 13th September and after the nine weeks, it should be around the 8th November.

I know its like another seven weeks before Christmas; so I assume you would start Phase 2 straight away apposed to waiting. I know I aint got no choice in the matter, but I don't fancy sitting around until after Christmas so there is a "straight run" through Phase 2.

Any ideas...
Sometimes there is short 'holdover' period between phase 1 and 2. You will more than likely start phase 2 on the Monday after completion of phase 1. You will break up for Christmas leave on the 18th December and return on the 4th January.
what do you do on the holdover period? would it be just like leave? or courses etc before you start phase 2 fully?
at least get a month in before christmas in phase 2
You've got to get throught Phase 1 first. So concentrate on that part before you start concerning yourself too much about the rest.

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