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This is my 1st time on here i am looking to book a room for my Sons passing out parade July 19th 2013 not sure what time we will have to be there though, travelling from Leicester hoping to travel on the Friday but unsure of times yet as its only his 2nd week there? Any advice gratefully received
Raleigh will send you all the details about half way through phase 1 that tells you all you need to know about the passing out ceremony, so you'll be fine


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Youll have to be there about 9- 9.30am if my experience from last october is anything to go by . Park across the road and line up at the gate with everyone else. You should be given a parking ticket for your party with the information the base will send you at about week 6 ish. Your beloved recruit will give the names of the people coming and the names will be on the gate and youll be checked in. Youll then be escorted in to have a coffee and then a film about what the recuits have all been up to over the ten weeks. This is where youl get your first look at the guys and gals as they are given their awards and RN epaulets. Remeber to make lots of noise it is activly encouraged. Depending on yout budget The Crooked inn is great to stay outside Saltash . Its only 15 minutes from Raleigh and has good grub and a good bar in the evening before .

Have fun ..


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PS, don't have anything embarrassing in your handbag!!!

You may be searched on the way in. We were when I attended my sons passing out a fews years back and I don't imagine security will have toned down that much.


Thanks all

Looks like we will have to head down on the Thursday then, couldn't cope with the stress of driving 270 miles Friday :sign2:


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Most people that have more than a two or three hour journey to Raleigh elect to stay in a B&B the night before. A list of recommended local accommodation is usually given to recruits for onward distribution to families/friends at an appropriate juncture of training.

One thing to bear in mind is that it's not an automatic given that the individual passes-out after ten weeks as there can be unforeseen setbacks along the way, such as injuries. The advice is that passing out parades occur quite frequently and there is no reported shortage of accommodation reported over the last fifty years, so don't go firm on any plans just yet.

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