Raleigh passing out parade

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Yorky, Feb 12, 2008.

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  1. Yorky

    Yorky New member

    Basically my dad is adamant that the passing out parade at Raleigh (for basic training) is a Thursday.

    I thought it wo a Saturday, someone please shut him up! (and hopefully prove me right!) :help:
  2. PINCH

    PINCH New member

  3. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Or Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc., if you fail... :twisted:
  4. Yorky

    Yorky New member

    so its not on a set day at all?

    this is my last bone question o_O
  5. Chaz

    Chaz War Hero

    'Round again class leader!!'
  6. NZ_Bootneck

    NZ_Bootneck War Hero

    You will have 8 weeks to find out and inform your nearest and dearest of the date of your Pass Out Parade, do you think this will be long enough?
    Why are you arguing with your Father just belt him one that'll shut him up.
  7. andym

    andym War Hero

    Cos hes the Chief GI!
  8. NZ_Bootneck

    NZ_Bootneck War Hero

    Ambush is the best policy then...use your new ASDA steam Iron for best results.
  9. Ueshiba

    Ueshiba New member

    Twas always in my day. Thursday? What use would that be? Might have changed though.
  10. Lost_Soul

    Lost_Soul New member

    Heard that a Few times before Actually think we set the record once o_O

    Bt to Clarify its a Sunday!....Did i say Sunday I meant Friday sorry!
  11. thingy

    thingy Supporters - GCM


    It all depends on what day of the week the visiting Admiral is sober and fit and whether his Steward has polished all that gold braid to the required standard. If not it's Fridays.... or er... any day but Thursdays. Then again it might be Thursday. Suggest you make a bet with Dad that it won't be on a Thursday. 10/- either way ought to do it. :) :lol:
  12. thingy

    thingy Supporters - GCM

    Oh, er do you remember Shillings? ....if not ask Dad.... or Grandad... or Great Grandad........
  13. dondon

    dondon New member

    Friday in my days .
  14. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    It was, is and remains Fridays... my previous reference to other days of the week referred to the fact that some people will fail Basic Training, so you could 'pass out of Raleigh' on ANY day! :roll: :lol:
  15. theoldti

    theoldti New member

    Is it not called "Passing In" now?
  16. Yorky

    Yorky New member

    That'll do me tar!

    Steam iron to the temple worked a treat by the way NZB!
  17. PINCH

    PINCH New member

    NEVER WAS and Never will be "passing out" ok repeat after me you PASS OUT OF TRAINING.

    Simple really.

    Have a nice day
  18. brazenhussy

    brazenhussy Supporters - GCM

    actually it now IS a passing in parade--------

    get with the times grandpa
  19. cornish_jan

    cornish_jan New member

    aye its passing in...and its DEFINATELY on a friday....bin on divisions for the past 3weeks...bloody freeeeeezing! so yea...fridays and passing in now.
  20. NZ_Bootneck

    NZ_Bootneck War Hero

    I always preferred 'Fainting', well it works for the Guards so it's got to be good
    :dwarf: :thumright:

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