Raleigh over christmas time?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by rice.ben, Jul 22, 2014.

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  1. I have recently received my entry date for basic training, 7th December, I am confused to whether I get christmas leave or if I'll be training right over christmas. Sorry if this sounds stupid I have no idea.
  2. Its okay santa will know you are spending all of christmas at raleigh and duly deliver your pressies :D

    Nah you do get a few weeks off over christmas, you then resume in January- for exact dates your afco will know :)
  3. You will go home, eat your own body weight in chocolate and turkey. You will then return 2 stone heavier and get the shock of your life

    Good luck, I believe a search would have produced a more helpful answer
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  4. hahahaha thank you, very helpful
  5. I would also search PERSEC too

    Unless you are uncle Ben?
  6. You know, I've had that all my life, people still think it's hilarious
  7. You'll go home for Christmas, and as has been said, overeat and **** up your fitness levels. Raleigh Christmas leave is 19th Dec to 5th of Jan.
  8. What branch are you joining up as?
  9. Best you get used to it. :)
  10. marine engineer
  11. ATTENTION all Raleigh instructors

    ET(ME) Ben Rice will be like a bag of shit after christmas leave as he's eaten too much choccy!

    Now if that doesn't get you off your arse and pounding the streets after the Queens Speech, nothing will?

    I did warn you about PERSEC
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2014
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  12. Looks like I'm on strict turkey rations now, I'm not sure how to change my username.
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  13. Change it to Uncle Ben. I'm sure no one will ever know
  14. A bit off of the subject. I have my medical tomorrow and then it's just the fitness test and security clearance. I'm also going in as ETME although i'm going submariner. Just wondering if anyone know if its likely we would be on the same intake or can you really not tell.

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