Raleigh open day

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by spearfish, Jul 26, 2007.

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  1. I believe that Raleigh is having an open day next week,what have they got planned for the great unwashed?
  2. The DRIU, to wash them?
  3. Well I hope the weather warms up or it will be a repeat of Clarkson's trip to the Pole!
  4. Twas advertised in the local paper in Guzz, including tours of the submarine training department and their historical section ? Thought that was in Blockhouse ??
  5. Would be worth a visit as I'm joining in November.

    Alas I would have to leave at around 3-4am to get there in time for opening though.
  6. I believe that have the periscope from Tally-Ho.It would be nice to have a look through that one!
  7. What at? an empty dockyard!
  8. It wasn't exactly full as I crossed on the torpoint ferry I must admit.I didn't see Tally-Ho's periscope but I did get a good walk around Raleigh on a very sunny day.I even got to say hello to the Commodore before the family insisted we go to the beach!
    If the wardroom had been open it would have been even better.
  9. 'Twas well attended - about 2500 through the gates, many were holidaymakers so weren't locals. Lots of areas were open with various stands displays etc. As to be expected the Submarine school was the most popular attraction.

    It has an area devoted to the history of submarining, the latest part of the exhibition being some fantastic displays of some of the German U Boat Captains such as Gunther Prien & Otto Kretschmer. There is also much interesting memorabilia on display.

    The Tally-Ho periscope is not yet on display but has been acquired, which is nice!

    Oh, and you can't see the dock yard from Raleigh, Torpoint is kind of in the way.
  10. I forgot to thank the Rating who gave me a tour of the submarine school museum.If he wants any pictures of the Astute roll-out just pm me.

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