Raleigh on Sunday

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by TheRoy, Jul 2, 2008.

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  1. Well thats me off to Raleigh on Sunday 6th. Looking forward to getting training over and done with and get on boats. Be interesting to see how things are done compared to my time in Army...to be honest Im about 99% sure this will flick my switch more. Need to get used to this RN slang though!
    `Run Ashore'...this one seems to stick in my noggin :thumright:

    Submarine Service-what a job!

    PS Do they issue Parrots and wooden legs or do we supply our own? No mention of it on JPA :thumright:
  2. Bring your own attachments matey. Good luck for your boats training you will need it.
  3. All the best TheRoy....ya jammy b*stard....wish it was me. Please keep an open mind on some of the instructor idiots in Raleigh (it's the same in whatever new entry establishment eh)! The good instructors will have plenty of time for you. You will hear the expression ' remember, this is not the fleet'. It's to encourage you to remember that there is life after bullshit and to see beyond that parade ground and Mr Shouty!

    Remember not to lean over to port or starboard when walking because some of the info from your courses may leak out. It'll come thick and fast....enjoy!!!

    GO FOR IT!
  4. If I were you, I would do a lot more listening than talking; if you see what I mean!
  5. Thanks guys, yeah i think i ll knuckledown and fade into the background in training. Submarine training looks pretty intense im assuming its death by powerpoint lol. In a whole the RN seems alot more chilled out from what the old man has been saying.
  6. The thing with the info overload on the BASIC submarine course is that suddenly it all clicks into place. It did with me anyway and I'm as thick as two short planks.

    Remember to enjoy enjoy enjoy...I'm sure you will. Fun fun fun!
  7. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    No they do not issue any of the equipment you require at sea. The anne summers shop at braehell, near you, will provide you with a vibrating pussy or a pain old vibrator depending on your swing on life.
  8. See you down there mate :thumright:
  9. Aye worth the brainache in the end SELJUK...want that badge!

    No need for me to worry about that witsend...I used VEET for men on my nut sack the other day (without reading instructions) and it has smartly removed all the skin from said nut sack and surrounding area. I can assure you that the agony im in at the moment I will require little/no pleasure devices that you mention (palm and her 5 sisters on standby duty though) hahahahaha. Thought id impress the missus to no avail :number1:
  10. Good luck to you.

    Major change from your past career.

    Hope you enjoy it.

    Look to the future.
  11. Remember The Navy does not march...it sort of ambles about a bit and sometimes all at near enough the same time.

    BUT the dark blue uniform and white shirts (do white fronts exist anymore)? will set the pulse racing...quite the smartest looking bunch of servicemen this country has got.....bar none!

    Jelous of ya big time....wish it was me...please keep us inboard bastards posted on your progress TheRoy.

    All the best!
  12. Ahoy THEROY!
    Anchor faced or wot........
    C'mon man......how are you coping.....can you get to a computer....stick at it. It ain't the fleet....while you're at it....drive all the other 'in shock and want to go homes' with you. Don't let any of them wrap their hands in yet.

    All the very best!

    Pete........a poor unfortunate land lubber!
  13. And submariners definately don't march, well proper submariners that is not wimpy namby pampy nukie ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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