Raleigh on Sunday and injured

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by roberts09, Jun 4, 2009.

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  1. I go to Raleigh on Sunday but i have hurt my ankle, i feel that it should be better for Sunday, but i have not trained for a week now and it might effect my performance. I am really really gutted if i can not go, but is it worth it going and not being able to do it and wasting their time and money. cheers

    Can anyone advise me on this please. :?: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  2. I'd see how it goes. If it's a sprain:

    - get it up in the air when you're sitting down. Should be higher than your hip - this will reduce swelling.
    - ice. Put an old teatowel (a really thin one) on your ankle, then a bag of frozen peas for 20 mins every couple of hours.
    - anti-inflammatories - take ibuprofen (if you've taken it before without any probs). 400mg 4 times a day, along with 2 paracetamol tablets 4 times a day.
    - keep moving. After the initial pain has settled (24 hours) get the ankle moving - draw cirles with your big toe. That will prevent it getting stiff.

    Good luck!
  3. Hello Mate

    Get it checked out at your Doctors, maybe tomorow? then see what they have to say, if it is nothing serius and it has healed by Sunday then you should be fine.


    What i have read, you seem to be in some pain? and it may not get better until a couple of weeks, also remember that you have a 2.4km running test on your first week!! if it is still bad at tomorow, i suggest you call you call the AFCO and tell them the situation, you dont want to get down there and get sent back home as they will not let you do PT

    Go to the doctors first and then call AFCO.. that is my opinion anyways

    Good Luck

  4. As the good ole doc said Rest Ice Compress and Elevate
  5. Cheers doc, i hope its just a sprain because its a bad one, i am 19 years old and never fractured or broke a bone in my body, this is the worst pain i have ever had and i get it 3 days before the biggest thing to happen to me in my life. :cry:

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