Raleigh mile and a half times and days?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by bryan, Jul 19, 2011.

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  1. hey guys, wondered if you could clear things up for me, i had a friend go on the RNAC a week or so ago and she said thats for women the 14minute or so mile and a half time still counts for day 2 and the 13 minute one is for week 5? i thought that the 13minute was on day 2?? and do women now have to do 10 male pressups? just wondering, not complaining! thankyou!
  2. Fnnaarrrr!
  3. Theres no difference between the male and female recruits pressups now.
  4. Okay, thankyou :)
  5. Raleigh's official line is that you should now be able to pass your fitness test in the first week at 13:15, but would still let you stay on and do extra fitness provided that it is below 14:35. Basically for guy and girls joining between now and Dec 2011 you will have 10% leighway on your times. Anyone joining after Dec 2011 will have to have attended and passed the Potential RN course, so will be expected to pass the run in the first week.

    Prepare now and make sure you are fit when you turn up, do not expect to turn up and the Navy to get you fit.

    Also if you can make sure you attend a preparation course either RPC or PRNC

  6. so you's have all been warned get your arse in gear and get running!
  7. If you can't do a mile and a half in under 13 minutes, you should be shot.
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  8. thanks guys! greatly appriciated, been running quite abit, hill sprints, intervals! started MMA and still go to the gym :) so i think im on the right track!!! thankyou x
  9. Over 10 mins should be shot! A 16 year girl still only needs to pass in a slower time than a 40 year male.
  10. Best pop round and blow my head off mate, it takes me just over 12 mins.
  11. I was aiming the shots at young thrusters matey ;)
  12. Can't believe this thread is still going.
  13. Aye ...................
  14. running quite a bit! all very well, but can you pass the time yet? if not then i suggest that you start running 'a very lot'

    FYI - after a PTI's warm up you will feel f*cked before you even start the test

    PS. only trying to help so good luck and prepare well
  15. Ive passed the 13.15 time on treadmill, i have a raleigh date for november, struggle more on a treadmill then on road as i have done morw road running, its going smoothly at the minute! :) thanks for the concern
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