Raleigh Medical

Could anyone tell me what tests they do at raleigh?

Is it the same as the pre-entry medical or do they include blood works etc For no other reason than I'm curious and impatient at my 3 month wait.
I think it's pretty much the same as the pre-joining medical, i think I've seen a similar question asked on here somewhere. But from experience i wouldn't know, i haven't been there yet :( .


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The medical at HMS Raleigh is basically a check with the will the AFCO medical examination & will include blood grouping & vaccinations/innoculations as necessary.

During Phase One training there is a 100% drugs test also.


You're also offered chlamydia testing to make sure you haven't got the remnants of some gronk you met up with before heading down to wonderful Cornwall.
So the inoculation info off my Dr is a must get. That way they won't be sticking stuff in as they're siphoning blood out. Short of the need for boosters at least.

Thank you, Stupid thing to be curious about. Yet I couldn't help myself.

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