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Raleigh kit ironing and folding


Just a quick question, as im away to raleigh 5th march id ideally like to be sound on folding amd ironing shirts to A4, can you do any method to achieve the a4 size as long as collar is good and central or is there a specific military way? Also any idea where i canget an a4 board online similar to ones used in raleigh and on the prnc course?

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No homebase here, stuck in a lil tiny town with barely anything [emoji23] i rely on online outlets

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Don't worry about it, you'll be shown when you get there. It's not an art form, nor worth worrying about. You're not going to win back hours of your day by preparing yourself to iron and fold the Raleigh way.
As above, you will be shown.

However, having just bought myself a new iron for basic to ensure that my creases are on point - I am currently using it as much as I can to get used to it. Apart from that, everything will be shown.

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