raleigh in take date


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Welcome to the site.

I'm sure there will be one or two lurking about somewhere.

There will be 24-ish of you arriving at Raleigh, odds are some of them will frequent this site already.
Hello and welcome to RR,

I take it you're joining ont he 14th? Good luck and wishing you all the best, I am sure one or two others will be turning up sooner or later.

Before you head off the Raleigh, have a read through the threads on here, pop into chat one night or post away, we are here to help.

J_D xxxx
thanx for the welcome i think i have looked at most of the post on raleigh and they are very helpful. you cant get the information u really want at the afco


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krscott86 said:
im sure they are there just to get us in the door then we need to do the research as some of there information is a bit back dated
A bit of research first might be a good idea, it's always disappointing to discover that the AFCO don't actually recruit astronauts :pottytrain1:

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