raleigh here i come!!! =D

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by budgie87, Mar 22, 2007.

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  1. :grin: :grin: well i got my entry date in may and im starting to get excited now.
    however :idea:
    im now curious as to what tips/hints etc,
    you great people could throw at me to help my phase one go smoothly, and help me get the best out of my training.

    muchly appreciated :mrgreen:

    btw he went thataway :arrow: :lol:
  2. we seem to get alot of questions regarding hints and tip for training and joining, is there no way ( why do I get the feeling I'm going to end up volunteering) to put all the posts together in one place and ether create a perminate link or sticky subject?
  3. hey budgie
    well done mate!
    what date have you go? if you donit mind me asking?

    yes I agree, I have asked the same question, I have also searched the threads as well, it would be a good thing to do!

  4. Hello, welcome and good luck!

    Only good advice, keep your mouth shut and listen. Those loud mouths are usually the ones who are picked out very easy!
  5. Do as your told, be ther 5 minutes before, dont answer back (even if you are right and the instructor is wrong) Do the best you can and for f**ks sake listen, it will make you a better matelot. Good luck.
  6. Don't tamper with the Golden Rivet, whatever you do, and don't ask what it is either, especially to a Stoker! :twisted:

    Congrats, by the way Budgie. Have fun!

  7. will be 6th may
  8. Well done Budgie,
    All of the above tips are sound. If you think you are fit then train some more, the fitter you are the easier it is. Get someone to teach you how to iron clothes and how to sew.
    Realise that everything they do to mess with your head and put you under pressure is to see how you react to stressfull situations, they arent just being sadists :wink:
    The more you put in the more you will enjoy the experience, give it your best shot, don't complain or moan and you will do fine. But above all enjoy! Its an experience that will have an influence on you for the rest of your life, and one that few people nowadays can understand or appreciate.

    Good Luck :lol:
  9. Only one ot two years after me joining at Raleigh Budgie.
    I Joined 7th May
    The year 1963, bet things have changed more than a little. :smile:
  10. well done budgie, might see you there as your goin the week after me. theres loads of information on this site the site if you search around. ifu get offered a place at hms caledonia go on it, as it will give u a bit of help on what to prepare for and it's a gd time as me and snap dragon know.lol.
    good luck mate
  11. I have a two hour break between lectures tomorrow would any of the powers that be like to give the go ahead on me putting together a FAQ /posts on joining up?
  12. All Powerful me sez, go for it Wompers, you know it makes sense.
  13. I was 29 days old when you joined up Slim! :lol:

    AAC. :oops:
  14. Hi Budgie,

    I've just recently been down to Raleigh with my job has a careers advisor.

    The main things they stressed was make sure you are as fit as possible, have done some outdoor running and swimming. On the personal admin front as stated before get some Hand washing/ironing practice, if you know someone try polishing shoes the RN way. Don't take to many civvy clothes with you because there is no where to stow them. You only need to take a maximum of 7 pairs of nicks (in fact the CPO in cahrge said you only need 5 pairs).

    The medical staff stressed make sure you haven't put weight on and if you have had any problems with any breathing conditions make sure you mention it as soon as you arrive.

    Make sure you take with you a water bottle and flip flops.

    Wish you all the best and have a good life within the RN

  15. Get used to getting up at 0530 (lights out 2200)

    Be fit - you have no idea how much easier things will be for you if you can pass the fitness tests before you go (running in particular).

    Taking your own iron might be a good idea although EVERYONE on your messdeck will want it. The irons provided are often sh1te.
  16. In your DREAMS !!!
  17. Now, now Dunkers, just remember in the 1920s they had to "iron" their duck suits (working rig in those days) with a wooden rolling pin! Just imagine! :shock:
  18. Moondog,

    Whatya mean... in my DREAMS??? :shock: :roll: My gawd, do I come across as a liberal dinosaur?! :shock:

    I was born on 8 April 1963 :oops: :smile: :smile: :smile:

    So when were YOU born then?

  19. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Please don't ask AAC to elaborate on his dreams - it might leave a lot of us wincing and crossing our legs... :shock: :lol:
  20. Hands up ! 5th August 1957

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