Raleigh for CT in May 09

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by scottie, Oct 16, 2008.

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  1. Waiting for my date still, but it seems the next date for CT training will be in May 09

    Anyone else waiting?
  2. Yeah, but not for any of the above.
  3. Try now
  4. yep still waiting for my date as SEA
  5. when did u complete RT?
  6. January 2008 and completed evrything by march
  7. All mine was complete by April. first applied in Feb, completed my Phsycometric test first a few weeks later then completed interveiw and medical on same day in April, then a week later completed my fitness test. just a waiting game now...
  8. May? I applied in May 08 and I've recently been told the waiting time fell drastically, and I could be off to Raleigh Jan/Feb 09.

    CT by the way.
  9. Quote from the_matelot (a CT instructor) on another thread:

  10. A bugger. I do recall my AFCO mentioning it could be after easter, the start of Term 1 I think he said. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. Hang in there mate, I've been waiting for 23 months to join (I'm one of the lucky ones starting on Sunday), it goes quicker than you think.
  12. thats what i been told too, should be on the same course then.
  13. Well May's right outta the window. Unless 2 people drop out, I'm going in October, really wish I had known this weeks ago.
  14. Not to worry, mate. I'm in the same boat as you - did my RT in Sept/Oct-ish, but still haven't had a date for PCT. Given it had gotten to mid-March with no sign of a date I had consigned myself to the October intake. What you've heard from your AFCO pretty much confirms things for me as well.

    But, nothing like staying positive - I have my RNAC next week which I'm really looking forward to, plus a last summer at home to train further and spend with friends and family.
  15. Aye I suppose thats the silver lining isn't it. Really wanted to get going this May but hey ho, just gotta hope someone gets cold feet :wink: My RNAC isn't until the end of April anyway, I suppose that should have been a clue!
  16. I wouldn't worry about it too much! My date is for May 2010, but if I'm lucky and someone drops out of the October 2009 intake (i.e., YOU!) I'll get to go then instead!

    A long wait ahead, either way. :p
  17. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    It'll fly by and the wait is worth it-trust me!

    Have a look through my previous posts and act on the advice contained within.

    As several people on here will testify, I can be helpful at times if (non-bone) questions regarding CT training are PM'd to me so feel free to do so.
  18. I just past test/interview/medical and fitness test two weeks ago and got my start date 10th May 2009. Going in as ET (MESM)
  19. That's great mate. Not sure what that's got to do with CT's though?

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