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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by ScaleyFins, Mar 19, 2006.

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  1. Hi all,

    Newbie here, be gentle! Quick question, i'm off to Raleigh soon for my basic training. I'm joining a branch which requires me to be at my best physically - no problems there. However, i've heard from a few people who've recently passed out of Raleigh that there's not much PT on the go. There was certainly a lack of proper phys and beastings during my 2 week T.A CMSR and i'm thinking that 8 weeks on a similar kind of schedule may result in a decline in fitness. Any further enlightenment on the above would be appreciated.

    The main question is; are recruits given the opportunity to take advantage of additional phys and use gym facilities? If not, would an explanatory letter requesting access to PT facilities from someone senior in the branch i'm joining (this was mentioned in the acquaint) have any bearing on such an issue, or would it just be filed in B1N? Again, any advice or info is much appreciated.

  2. The gym is available to you, you will be welcomed with open arms. If you have any hours left in the day.....the hardest part will be keeping up enough calories to do additional phys!
  3. Thanks for the quick response, just what I wanted to hear.
  4. There are plenty of sessions for phys and if you push yourself you can get a lot out of them. Your weekends are mostly free and the gym is available then. Raleigh is not taxing physically but like I said (and you probably know) if you work hard enough during the PT sessions they are adequate enough to maintain a level of fitness.
  5. Just make sure you do your PJFT to the letter
  6. Good Lord! Baby sailors don't get beasted.
  7. Hell, after I left basic ( I know I know, not so many yrs ago), a new rule came in;

    No one apart from PTI's were allowed to beast you!

    And some red card/yellow card crappy rule.

    If you ask me, its all too soft now!

    But the gym will be made available to you from weekends :wink:
  8. Mrs F and I have the Rolls Royce of rowing machines set up in the garage, it's a good talking point when the sun has gone over the yardarm and friends drop in for cocktails :)
  9. The 'Red card/Yellow Card' thing was an urban myth. It never happened, ever.

    Got that from a senior who was there at the time and have had it confirmed by several others too.
  10. But moi along with a few 'others' had it confirmed that it was a 'tester' tried and binned.

    Bloody RN and their secrets.
  11. It does make me laugh that Raleigh was always harder when "They joined up." What a load of crap! What do you mean when you say only the PTI's are allowed to beast you? Who else are there to beast you? My instructor was some fat old PO gunner who couldn't step 10 feet before getting out of breath, sure he used to send us up to the fire station with our mattresses on our heads, but that made us laugh more than anything. Trainees at Raleigh still get beasted, if fact since Phase one was reinvigorated last year I would say the physical aspects of the course is harder. Manic Monday is a tough day in comparison to training 5 years ago, so if you think it's soft imagine doing your 3 mile run followed by the endurance course (obstacle & assault course combined). The PT sessions are tough if you're willing to push yourself and I found that if I did the sessions with them they tended to push a little harder! We all know things have changed when we join, but not to the point where you can sail through Raleigh, it is not the case. If your Phase One Instructor has kept the high standards that he had to achieve during Raleigh then his troops will have to attain those same standards. H&S implications have made a slight difference to what can be done, but on the whole Raleigh Training is better now, both physically and constructively.

    Oh, red and yellow cards, a load of shite- Rant over.
  12. Was an instructor prior to leaving, training is MUCH easier than it was say 20 years ago, now it is all health and safety touchy feely.
    Lets get that kit back to the BR1938 size and stop treatign them like kids and train them to be tough and obey orders in a flash without question, might help them stay alive.
    The finer points can be done in continuation training, Raleigh should be about turning recruits into something special.
    The current standard of training is soft and not up to what is used to be or should be.
    Fact, not opinion..
  13. When I did Raleigh (as a reservist, admittedly), the phys side was hard but there again I wasn't as fit as I am now. (mile and half, 9:44, yeah!)

    I went back there for the first time in ten years just before Christmas and what surprised me was the amount of swearing directed at the NE's. It was all "Move yer ******* arse" this and "Stupid ******* Doris" that. I thought that wasn't allowed any more in these pink and fluffy times!
  14. Well shipmate,

    If you were an instructor and it was soft maybe you were soft!
    I have instructed there aswell and I ensured that the trainees did as they were told and instilled the discipline into them. Of course there are points that need to be addressed but, as I have said new recruits will act how you teach them to act.
    Maybe the problem is not with the recruits but with the standard of Instructors!
  15. Instructors these days are trying to do the job with one hand tied behind their back. And working with people with Namet scores that defy belief.
    Sign of the times I'm afraid, RN is scraping the barrel for recruits (as are the police and others).
    It is absolutely incredible that someone with less than a Namet 5 is even allowed through the gates.
  16. My son is there now and he is a fit lad and he says it is hard work,but worth it.

    He said something about them doing Crocodile Press Ups and V Sit ups,which I think is what the Booties do in there training??
  17. What are crocodile press ups? I've done a few google searches but didn't have much luck.
  18. Hi all
    Was interested in the comments as to whether todays basic training is physically harder than years ago.. I joined as a JSO ( junior seaman operator) in the 1970,s and through the mists of time i cant remember that much running. I remember the assault course at Raleigh and the weekend at pier cellars when we did some running around looking for stuff followed by assault course and walking on tightrope across harbour ( not winched!). I would be interested to be reminded of what we actually did! physically!
  19. I thought this was a gen dit, but I've also heard it is all bullshit. Canm you actually imagine it?! :roll:
  20. Its a kind of like a press up but you push yourself forward as well as up. Brings back nightmares of being in Colchester and being made to Crocodile around a football pitch by an insane Irish PTI.

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