Raleigh exams?

Hello everyone

Just a quick (probably stupid) question.

At Raleigh do you take any written exams, and if so what are the exams on?

Just in case I can get a head start in revision


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There are written exams/tests on basic elements of training.

Whilst it is appreciated there are those who like to prepare as best they can, there is plenty of time to learn, absorb & revise prior to taking these particular tests.

The area you really, really need to be focusing on is fitness, particularly with regards runs, swims, sit-ups and press ups. Similarly, people tend to fail kitmusters more than written exams, so learning how to handwash & iron clothes properly will certainly help give you the edge in training and indeed the capacity to help those who unwisely arrive ill prepared in these areas.


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Bad form and impatience.

People on here are willing to give advice but we are not here 24/7 at the beck and call everytime someone asks a question.

If you rush us for an answer you might not get a decent answer to the question.
Some of us can be right grumpy old sods

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The main reason I did it was because I was on the move and wanted to receive notifications incase I became distracted in work and forgot the post existed.

Ninja gave a good answer.

Would bump again.

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You have to take a maths and English assessment in week two to determine the level you're currently working at, but that's for when you go to phase 2.

There is also the NGT exam in week 10 that you have to pass to complete Phase 1 training (pass mark is 70%) but you have 10 weeks to revise for it.
I don't get the same exciting replies that way.

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