Raleigh/Collingwood Xmas Break 2009

Hi there,

Can anyone tell me for certain when the Xmas breaks are at Collingwood and Raleigh for 2009? I will be at one or other of these over Xmas. The reason I'm not sure which one I'll be at is because I don't have my date yet - everything is back including security clearance, I just don't have confirmation yet - and might not get it for a couple of months yet - not sure I can wait that long as I need to either book something or call it off;)

I've tried my AFCO but they weren't 100% sure - either 12th Dec or 18th Dec...

HMS Raleigh generally takes a 2 week break at Christmas so you go home on December 18th 2009 and come back on January 4th 2010.
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