Raleigh 19.09.10 anyone else? Or have any advice?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by rn190910, Jul 1, 2010.

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  1. Hi,

    Im quite new to this site... Found it the other day, I'm going to Raleigh on the 19th September and I have no idea what to expect! I have found two other people who are going there on the same day but I wondered if I'm going to be the only girl and what its like...

    Also, anyone had any experience as an MA? Its what I'm going to do and I've read MEDIC (a very good book) that's given me a bit of an insight but I wasn't sure how qualified I would be when I finished my training?

    I'd quite like to get fully stuck in!

    Anyone who is going to raleigh or anyone with any advice? It would be much appreciated:)

    Very nervous!x
  2. is this g :wink:
  3. Hahhaaa I saw your post and did wonder if it was you!

    How very funny! Its such a small world!x
  4. haha it sure it :D hope ya find sum1 going in on tat date
  5. Mind your persec you two.
  6. persec is that person section??

    will do, thank you.
  7. Jonno mispelt purse, he is just an illitarate bastard from the army :wink:
  8. dont wanna get on jonnos bad side, ive been warned :wink: lol
  9. Personal Security.

    It appears to be as unknown in the Navy as washing is in the Army.
  10. I'm going on the 19th, Where you going from?
  11. Just curiousity here but how long did you have to wait from starting application to getting your date for Raleigh?
  12. I applied in january 2009. Had everything done ans passed by july2009 than i was told that i would have a two year wait from my last test. But than i was rung three weeks later and told I had a date!
  13. Hampshire, Portsmouth.
    Am to my rnac next week!
    Where abouts are you from?
  14. How much notice did you get when you were told you were off too Raleigh?

    Isit 2 months?
  15. if your going to Raleigh in september expect it to be cold :D
  16. I am going to HMS Raleigh on the 19th of Sep, the branch I have selected is AET so all going well this time next year I will be just finishing phase2 training,

    good luck see you there
  17. Ahhh cool cool :) I have found two other people as well. Where abouts are you coming from?
  18. I could be joining your entry.
    Ive been at Raleigh for 2 weeks, but torn a muscle in my leg at the beginning of week 2 during PT. Ive been put into Stonehouse to recover and will be backclassed into september if it heals in time, which it should :)

    Raleighs great and I was loving it till this happenned. Im happy to still be here, but its going to be hard watching my class carry on while I sit in StoneHouse doing nothing.

  19. Oh Rolo, what a shame!

    Chin up, though. Good things are worth waiting for. :)

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