Raising steam aboard RN destroyer - Admiralty three-drum boiler.

Instructional film from 1942, should interest those of the ME World.

(Parts of the system will be recognisable to any Nuclear Submariner - 'Chloride Excursion!' anyone?)


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I remember well the boiler rooms on the old Rusty B but pulling rods on a boat for a flash up is far easier :cool:
Oh joy, warms the coils on this old sprayer jockeys heart. Type 15's rock.....:) :). Got my boiler ticket on an Admiraly Three Drum......seems like it was yesterday.......well, perhaps not, more like fifty years.......that more than qualifies me as a psof....with clusters!....whaaaaass :) :) :)
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Pinkies had no shore lines:D, just waited for leave to be piped :)
That's true - they even left the TV aerial for the duty WEM. I'm sure on one ship the pinkies argued that TV aerial was Internal Comms - cuz that's where all the TVs were.


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That's true - they even left the TV aerial for the duty WEM. I'm sure on one ship the pinkies argued that TV aerial was Internal Comms - cuz that's where all the TVs were.
As duty Wem I wrapped mess aerial around 4.5 barrel, much better picture than ships TV Ae:)


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Speakers???? Mine is so old it taps out messages in Morse......due a descale anytime now...:)
They should be OK if you are doing the required blowdown every morning watch :) , but with age we all forget to do stuff...now, where was I ? .
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