Rain hits Somali drought victims

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by NotmeChief, Jul 15, 2011.

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  1. So do I get my donation back automatically or do I have to claim it ?
  2. I feel fuckin sorry for them, years of good weather, and now it's summer it's going to piss down.
    How unlucky are they?
  3. Oh the irony!
    Bet the bloke from the Apprentice is out there selling em brollies.
  4. And its St. Swithuns day today, 40 days and 40 nights............. best they start building an Ark. Hang on havent we got one they have??????????????
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  5. They'll still want the money as the rain will be hindering the attempts to get the relief to them.
  6. It's a good job we have brains in this forum as well, most of us would never have thought of that.
    We better send the seaboats crew, good thinking FH.:laughing2:
  7. I bet they're dripping (geddit), there's just no pleasing some people.
  8. I do feel sorry for them, but I think the fuckers should stop re-producing so much. Growth rate of 2.8% last year, wonder why theres a lack of water.....
  9. Are we now tapping into the old joke pool?
  10. Just fishing for bites.
  11. Do you think there will be rivers of tears about the aid.
    Mind It hadn't really started to flow yet had it.
  12. I don't give a dam either way, they can lake it or lump it.
  13. Yea, but..... the more of them there are, the more there is to piss into the stream so adding water. Eh, 2.8% so are they only growing at less than a ΒΌ inch per year then ?
  14. A real drain on resources if you ask me......
  15. Are you lot fuckin Puddled?
    Or is your perspective Clouded.
  16. I expect there'll be a tidal wave of sympathy and they'll be awash with donations.
  17. Unless interest ebbs the flood of money
  18. Well that will be the cricket off then.
  19. Stop it, my eyes are streaming.
  20. Cry me a river

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