Rail Death Teen's Mother Found Dead

Poor lady, you never know what goes through a parents mind.

R.I.P xx

The mother of a teenage girl who died on a railway line five weeks ago has been found dead on the same stretch of track, police sources have said.

Joanne Coombs, 40, was found dead near Manningtree station in Essex, last night.

Her 17-year-old daughter Natasha was found dead near the same spot in August, after she vanished following a night out with friends in Ipswich on July 27.

Police would only say officially today that there had been a death.

They would not confirm the identity of the dead person.

But sources said the body found was that of Mrs Coombs.

Police were at the Coombs family home in Harwich, Essex, last night.

More follows...
Obviously no social services back up once again.

I remember this strange family in the old town. Set of twins one topped himself on the rialway [gaelic] line then later the other did the same.

The mother died in a nursing home and the other son went to visit at the time of the sad event. When the staff returned the room was empty he was on the car park dancing with his dead mother.

Poor woman. R.I.P.

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