Rage.........and how to get rid of it!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today, is a bad day. Events have unfolded that have wound me up beyond belief, and I now require some "wisdom" from the faithful of RR.

Usually, I am calm, mild mannered and very very hard to wind up.

Normally anger, rage and frustration can be relieved in the normal methods men resort to......drinking, getting laid, self love etc.

None of this seems to be having the desired effect of stopping me walking around like a coiled pit viper ready to kill anyone who even looks at me the wrong way, however innocent.

So, I am asking for other ways to release a lil bit of rage. All suggestions will be taken seriously at first until reprocussions are thought out.

Cheers people.
Would be a good plan.......quite enjoy my job as is though.

Shooting stuff sounds good!

Maybe not quite on the scale of Raoul Moat though.
Car park Jumping........The daughter might not appreciate that much, the Ex will when the life insurance pays out. Don't want to make that a**ehole happy, so no jumping, sorry to disappoint.

Amitriptyline....doesnt really cut it. Short term fix required.

The YouTube vid, will have to watch at home, IGS is not keen on YouTube.

Roof tiles....Maybe on the antagonists head. Gaol time afterwards not ideal.
Agree about medication - slowed me right up. Midway between "Couldn't give a shit" and "I REALLY couldn't give a shit" at this moment in time.

With regards to the YouTube vid - it's one of the Chillout Music Series. Not bad but - there's always an alternative:-


(Edited - Old YouTube upload, but by Christ I bet he felt g-o-o-o-o-o-d)


Lantern Swinger
The_Frank said:
Roof tiles....Maybe on the antagonists head. Gaol time afterwards not ideal.
Only if the idiot survives or there are witnesses, or you are stupid enough to get caught...other than that ..no probs really ....SIMPLES
Violent release is starting to be a common piece of advice, im likeing that.........bit too much!!!

Women eh? There are generally all cnuts!!! I seem to have dated most of the cnuts and have a child by a massive cnut!

:idea: My old granny (RIP but bless her cotton socks) used to say "a Problem shared is a Problem halved"'.

These days they call it counselling, or summat.

So do tell us what has wound you up so much; you can even change the names to protect the innocent if there are any....


PS J-D's Bro. is never around when he's really needed :roll:
My Ex is a bit of a "insert various names such as tw*t". She decided to leave me during my last deployment after 5 years and an amazing Daughter.

The whole rage right now is due to a comment made last night over a birthday meal at PizzaHut.

My lil one is staying over Sat night, as the ex clown is off for a night away. I asked what time she was going to pick Daughter dearest up, she said 1200-1400. I asked could it be before 1200 as I had plans.

The words......'Are you now a Part-time Dad then?' emerged from her dirty whore lips.

I have always prided myself spending every waking moment possible with my baby girl, to the point of not really having as much of a life for myself as I would like.

Also considering the Ex and I often discussed my own Father who really was a 'Part-time Dad' to me, only seeing or speaking to me Saturdays 1200-1900, where he had every opportunity to see me as often as he pleased.

The Ex cnut also knows that many of her friends ex partners dont make any attempt to see their children or pay maintenance.

I cant believe the Vile, Spiteful, Nasty, Viscious, whore of a knotted ballon would say that to me!
Sounds like she had sussed out that you a weak area and plunged the knife deeply into it - just to try to wind you up.

Relax and concede that she angled for a bite and got a biggy one - that time.
She got a huge bite, in the middle of PizzaHut!

If it wasn't in public she would have had a fork sticking out of her face!

Im not violent as a person, but she pushed me over the edge there!
BTW Frank,

Throughout his marriage difficulties our No.2 Son vowed that he would never divorce/become a "part-time Dad".

Famous last words - then eventually came the Divorce....

He has regular access to his two children but he has had to come to terms with the reality that he is now a PTD after all.......
It seems she knows what button(s) to push. Her spiteful remark says more about her than it does about you. It may be useful to remember that.

You know that you are a good dad, and so does your ex; that’s maybe why she said what she said.

Try not to let it get you down, you obviously love your daughter, and that alone speaks volumes for you. I suggest the way to neutralise your ex’s attack is to dismiss it for what it is; spite.

It may sound twee, but meditation is a good way of calming anger.

P.S. I killed my last yoga teacher.
I can understand why you would feel upset; many guys would feel the same in this situation, especially if they know that they are making a particular effort to sustain contact with their kids after the relationship has broken down. It must be especially hard when you have had a disappointing experience with your own father. It's a credit to you that you haven't perpetuated that pattern.

With regard to what she has said, I would suggest that you discard it and don't let it wind you up today. If you do let it, she will have got double value from her cutting remark, won't she? Why allow that? If, as you say, she is vile, spiteful, nasty and vicious, why give her the luxury of attaching any meaning to anything she says?

Apply a statute of limitations to your distress now. Your cut-off time is 1600. At 1600 the bad feeling goes into a box and in a cupboard. Don't let it continue into the evening.

You seem to have sporting interests, by the way; if you can, get to a pool later on and just race up and down the lanes and then take a hot shower and go and see a film.

In the meantime, try to relax by starting at your feet and tightening and relaxing your muscles. You then work your way up from there, legs etc. Breathe ......slowly .........say five in, seven out ....... Use positive visualisation. Close your eyes and imagine a situation in which you would feel positive and relaxed. Imagine for instance taking your little girl to the beach and work through each part of the visualisation ......... imagine walking on the sand and how it feels, the smell of the sea and the feeling of the sun .......... imagine getting ice-creams and laughing as you watch her building sandcastles. Choose any positive scenario which has the same effect, if you wish.

One day your daughter will treasure her memories of these times, you know.

I do hope that you will feel a bit more chilled soon.
Put maggots in her car heater vents, when they hatch 'voila'.

Timing is everything as you could get your daughter caught in the crossfire.

On a serious note, perhaps she thinks the daughter thinks too much of you. Trying to get you to go off on one in public would be a way of showing your daughter what a nasty man daddy really is.

Don't rise to the bait, if necessary install a punch bag at home and beat the crap out of that.


Lantern Swinger
Sounds very very similar to my ex. Believe me you are not the only person that this sort of thing happens to.
My son is my No-1 priority. But you still have to have a life. If she said this in front of your daughter it shows how desperate she has become. In her eyes your daughter is a handy weapon to hit you with. I got all of this with my son. He is now 10 and is begining to suss things out now. He has asked me why mum says nasty things about me, but I never say nasty things about her. He's asking questions like "why didn't mum let me stay over with you when I was younger?, she knew I wanted to" (£3500 and a court case sorted that one).
I don't profess to know your situation so I can only hope this is a piece of good advice.

Never lower yourself to your ex's standards. Hang on in there with your daughter no matter how hard. Never ever lose your rag with the ex when the daughter is there (then mummy can say "I told you what he was really like" etc). Have faith that as your daughter gets older she will realise how good a dad you have been.

I have a box with all the records of payments made to his mum, sh1tty letters off her to me, details of the court case (of which everything was in my favour). Copies of letters I have sent to her begging her to be reasonable etc.

I hope and pray that my son never has cause to see any of them. But should the day come (and I very much doubt it will though) for him to say "where were you when I was growing up"? Then I will sit him down and show him the whole f'king lot.

Hang in there buddy, you are not alone believe me.

Ashard as it may be, try not to let the b1tch see that she has got to you. Smile, be polite (then go home and get the pins and the vodoo doll out) !!
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