RAF Typhoon aircraft exercise in UAE

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Jan 11, 2013.

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  2. More importantly Mod_RSS what's the hotel bill!!


    jesus!! Even got a recruiting advert for the cnuts on the page as well! :angry5:
  3. Yes, what is it with advertising Crabs on here? Supposed to be a Navy site FFS.
  4. Wind ya bloody neck in, its an interesting subject!
  5. They did a great job on shafting the FAA and your branch in particular.

    Firstly we can’t afford NOT to have strong naval forces. An inability to defend our interests and the control the sea will be far more costly and damaging to the UK economy in the long-term. Approximately £6 billion for their construction seems like a lot of money but in defence terms this is modest, especially when they will have a very long service life. (Great value for money compared to the £23 billion cost of a real white-elephant; the RAF Typhoon programme). They are assets which could potentially serve the country for 40-50 years. Their construction is providing around 10,000 jobs across the UK and maintaining the industrial & shipbuilding base the RN needs. Sadly to many politicians the programme is just a politically convenient a job-creation scheme and its survival is only down to this. (On arrival at the Treasury Chancellor George Osbourne demonstrated total ignorance/contempt by saying he wished “we could cancel the damn things”).
  6. God Almighty

  7. Until of course some jilalibad high on weed decides to strap some explosives onto a skiff and then drive towards an aircraft carrier laden with even more expensive F-35's....Yay ROE!
  8. You think a skiff with explosives will sink 60'000 tons of aircraft carrier fittes with CIWS, that's a big skiff!!
  9. No I don't but can you imagine the look on your face if one were to actually.....
  10. Why my face? I'd be surprised as I was a submariner unless the bad guys have resurrected the WW2 kamikaze boats they had.
  11. Well any other part of your anatomy would just be weird. Anyhoo my point was more like that of the USS Samuel.B.Roberts in that even if something small hit the aircraft carrier, it would cause it to be U/S and cost a lot of money to repair, and we wouldnt have a full size fast jet carrier. Though I guess the Gov would see that as a job for the British labour force...swings and roundabouts
  12. What a ******* bizarre piece of random speculation.
  13. So you equate a frigate hitting a mine to a carrier having a smally boat with explosives going off receiving comparable damage?

    Stick to COD.
  14. I wasn't comparing the two effects directly but in the eyes of the government they may as well be the same... no?

    I'm more of a farmyard simulator guy myself...

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