RAF Towed Target 'Rushton' needs a new home, historical interest..

Discussion in 'History' started by gduk, Mar 10, 2016.

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  1. I have a Rushton Towed Target, I have had it over 15 years I guess, bought via a aircraft museum shutting down.
    I believe they were used mostly by the Canberra aircraft.
    I am moving away....and customs are NOT going to like this, although I have a letter from Cobham (aircraft refuelling) and they are happy that I have it!
    It needs a new home so, I erm, stuck it on Ebay I am afraid, just now, I was unsure where such an item could find an audience, less that I paid, but someone can appreciate the history, and may have even seen it in action!
    Sorry, if this is not in the right section or I should not have posted it, but you people may know where it should live!
    Thanks, Grant.
  2. Ahh, the old Rushton I remember them from my Canberra days. Not too sure the Long Haired Admiral would like it though :(

    The pathfinder museum at RAF Wyton might like it (Home of the Canberra), not too sure they have a lot of dosh though. But the curator works in the same company as me and can pass his details on.
  3. Hi, yes, thank you for replying, that sounds like a plan!
    Best, G
  4. Sent you a message shippers :)
  5. wot no pictures?
  6. Too secret to post photos :)
  7. Here to help:
  8. 4th Pic in was one of mine :)

    And it shows a T17 not a TT18 ;)
  9. Thanks again!!
  10. You were thinking Willies weren't you?
  11. Always! :)

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