Evening Ladies and Gents,

I'm having a good old think about changing services and wondered if anyone on here could answer a few questions for me.

Originally I had planned to re-muster in the RAF to WSOp (Crewman, Loadie etc) however I've also been pointed in the direction of the FAA and a lot of what has been said to me makes sense.

How easy is it to change from the RAF to the FAA and why can't I find any information on the job of Crewman within the RN recruitment website? Is it because the FAA take people from witin the ranks for this role?

I'm a Cpl at the moment so what would I enter the Navy as? What does the training consist of?

So mant questions but I'm going to speak to the AFCO tomorrow to try and get some more information on it all.

Any help in the meantime would be great.

Their are a couple of serving Wafu aircrewmen on this site Airy Fairy and The Afghan PM them, and a couple of ancient old and bolds :oops: Soleil is correct ,re his last. Ps when you do change over, you will always be Known as a Crab, never the dizzy heights of a Wafu :lol: :lol:

You will need to pop into the careers office so that they can send off your details to Naval Recruiting in Portsmouth. They will then paas your details on to the FAA branch managers who will make the decision on whether they want you, at what level they will let you transfer and at what pay scale. If you are going to transfer direct from the RAF you will also need their permission to be able to proceed with the transfer. Air crew Rating is not a directly accessible branch, ie if you were looking to join the RN it would not be available (this is why there is no inof on the recruiting site) as a direct entry. You can only join it from inside the RN same as PTI, Navy Police and Photographer etc.

In honesty, you will need to do some cross-over training, but it's very unlikely that they will let you transfer at Cpl/LH level. They may allow you to transfer at a similar pay scale though. That said you'll never know unless you ask.

Best of luck


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