RAF suicide missions

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by aussiepint, Apr 3, 2007.

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  1. What next? Strapping bombs to RMs? Haven't we lost enough of our forces already without senior officers asking (even if it is a training exercise), what if we told you too?

  2. Sorry link didn't work. Its on both BBC and Sky news pages. :(
  3. Little out of context Aussie---most daily operations would have that sentiment; For example the pilot steering away from built up areas in case of accident and being sacrificed; or patrols going out knowing full well that something could happen that would mean not returning, part of the job , but not to be taken as a sort of Kamikazi force!
  4. i read this in the sun today, makes u wonder if we are going back in time now, or perhaps it;s another money saving measure. "men we have no weapons so use your fighters as a weapon"just loved Air Vice Marshal David Walker comment " i was not imposing carrying out suicide missions, just asking them to think what if?

    p.s there is the link
  5. I feel this was a good topic to bring up. I would like to think that if i was in a postion to save many lives by taking my own live i would do it, and am sure many others would do the same thing.
  6. Jus my 2d's worth but in the Falklands wern't RN Helo pilots told that they may be used as a shield against enemy Anti-ship missiles by placing themselves in between said weapon and the carriers? Technically is this not an ordered suicide mission?
  7. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    you gotta love the crabs though.....send there occifers into battle whilst us lesser oiks have tea and biscuits...classy :D
  8. The scenarios where I pilot could make a difference are legion but none are where a Pilot sets out on a mission with the intent to kill himself to complete the task. Well at least not in the RN.

    1960's Lighting pilot with no A to A missiles left is tracking USSR Nuke bomber on route to London, does he take it out and possibly die by a controlled crash or does he allow it to proceed and take out one quarter of London. Make a Decision.

    Pilot take off From USN Carrier as he climbs away he sees the torpedo tracks head towards the carrier he can crash just in front of them Point 000000. of a second to decide. A Japanese pilot actually did this in WW11.

    Another example of theoretical exercises being taken out of context. No doubt someone has work out what to do in a war against France or a civil war with th Scottish Nation its called insurance. Get real lads.

  9. I was at Aberporth on the Sea Skua trials flight during the Falklands.
    We had a Sea King visit with a new bit of quickly designed kit. This kit was supposed to seduce the missile away from the ship and to the missile. the idea was that the Sea king was placed between the ship and incoming missile, the missile when successfully seduced should pass below the helicopter. :eek:
  10. i have seen how the harriers are maintained, it must be suicide for the pilots every time they get in!!
  11. "Quickly designed kit?" Yeah right! them at the top will tell you anything to get you to do the job - "you MUST be there by 0700 the ship sails then and they are desparately short of your rate" She sailed at 0930 and I was extra to requiments, "don't know why your here hookie, but welcome onboard, we'll squeese you in somewhere once we find a berth, now pop down the mess and get a cup of tea, we're not sailing until later and I'm pretty busy" I'm sure you all have your story on that line! Now about this missile going UNDER the helo?
  12. I know it's been a very long time since the crabs shot anything down, but ramming the buggers to get a kill on the score card seems a bit desperate! :D
  13. Yeah there was an old RAF seaking used for battle damage repair, and somebody grafited (sp?) on the roundel 'Join the RAF they only send their officers to war' Made me chuckle, I have since learnt that it's really true, but still funny.
  14. God bless the RAF with yet another innovative solution to manpower cutbacks, and the fact that it comes from one of their own is priceless. Still being the cynic that I am I bet there is some political comment behind this. More than likely we will find that rather than our brave fighter jockeys having to ram Johnny foriegner they can have some more of the defence budget that was going to a wasted cause like fuel for warships, or am I just being too cynical once again.
  15. Especially the one's you fix! Eh Bungle ;)

    Oh yeah I thought it was the Naval Strike Wing, no more 800?

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