RAF stand-down in Basra to have Xmas Party

I can't find a reference to it on t'internet, but I read today in the Torygraph that the RAF at Basra have all been given the day off to have an "It's a Knockout" competition and huge knees-up, while the Army have to step up their patrols in anticipation of opportunistic attacks. One of the quotations used from "an unnamed" infantry officer was that "it's typical - they're just a bunch of civilians in uniform".

Hear hear. It's about time the grossly overmanned, overfunded, jobsworth 9-5ers of the East Coast Defence Force (with hardly any front line capability) came in for some more stick. Having seen what a bunch of backstabbers they are at the "Centre" (ie play off the Navy against the Army and cut their capabilities to play purely self-interested power games), I have no time for any criticism of "inter-service infighting", or "let's all pull together". They've been at it for years, and (annoyingly) are very good at smiling and backstabbing simultaneously.

Hopefully the next announcement from Des "Swiss Tony" Browne-noser is the abolition of the UUURAF and absorption of all their aircraft into the other 2 services, who do know how to work on weekends and bend EU rules when operationally necessary.

Merry Christmas to all RRers, by the way!


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The fly boys in the helos are earning their wedge in Basra alright.

Also might be worth pointing out the merlin crews are also doing the business

Movers and apes I sh+t em, but feck all would move down outh with out the flying washing machines and their crews

A link would be nice
has alays been the way that the raf seem to be doing sod all but dont believe all you read in the papers - unless its the sun and then its as good as daily orders

choose your branch - take your chance


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I read the hard copy this morning Geoffrey,

Far be it for me to stick up for Crab Air but does anyone expect them to join Percy on patrol? Or just sit and do nothing different just because others have to turn to? If it's quiet, good luck to them. And as has been mentioned, they are still flying. So that's their Officers turned to.

Crab Helo Heroics

Crabs on patrol would be as much of a liability as your average Jack or Jenny, even I suspect the RAF Regiment.

choose your branch - take your chance

Exactly. A non story.
I think it was an outbreak morale. Totally irresponsible when Percy Pongo is in continuous mortal danger. What is needed is some old fashioned industrial solidarity; one miserable, all miserable.


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dont believe that crap. the RAF engineers/aircrew will be working as hard as the FAA crews and AAC out in Basrah Xmas day like anyother day. they have a hard enough job to do and dont need us lot at home with our families at Xams giving them Shit. and even if they get a bitof time off so what they deserve it. the army will not leave on patrol with our air cover so where this info is from is not that well informed
Now now Geoffrey.

One minute we read about 42CDO being wined and dined By Mr Ramsay now we read about the RAF putting the workload onto the back of Percy.

Swings and roundabouts as they say.


Backpacker1uk said:
Swings and roundabouts as they say.

Absolutely, and those that are knocking them should consider how they would feel if they had the opportunity for "2 cans" and it was stopped because others couldn't partake. It won't be "the RAF in Basra" it will be those not on essential duties, much as we have all experienced at some time I'm sure.

Happy Christmas to all, particularly Royal in the Stan.



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Have always had a lot of respect for the Crabs. We always moan about their ability to travel well, live in 5-star accommodation whilst on exercise and so on, but we should have been asking why our conditions of service weren't as good as theirs. That's what we really meant, after all!

In tri-Service land, the RAF's ability to add to their annual leave by tagging on "grant" was something of which I was always envious!


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Seadog wrote

Crabs on patrol would be as much of a liability as your average Jack or Jenny, even I suspect the RAF Regiment

Looks like I'm owe the RAF Regiment an apology. :oops: They were interviewed on BBC News 24 yesterday, having provided cover to the Army when the Army raided the police station.

So much for the day off.


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I have had some pretty awful experiences in the hands of the RAF movers and I have vented some of my frustration in the pages of this fine site. That said I know a number of RAF bods in theatre who work their rear ends off to do their jobs. Most of these are RAF Regiment with a couple of movers thrown in.

Perhaps part of the reason we give them so much stick is because they simply cannot deliver what they have not got. We're all suffering from the effects of cuts and cut backs on top of reviews and the like and the RAF are short of working air frames and have little or no backup if one goes TU. This has caused many a service person to lose days from their R&R and leave and, TA MP comments aside, the situation shows little sign of ever improving. The RAF are traditionally good at fighting their corner, arguably at the expense of the other services, but you have to tip your hat to them for the effort which our own don't seem to be quite as good at. Perhaps we lack enough of the killer instinct when it comes to making the case against cuts and reductions.

Geoffrey’s point about abolition and absorption is one which has been made many times before. If the UK is to have any hope of maintaining Land, Sea and Air capabilities then perhaps the time has come for us to look seriously at this. Maybe we need to get better at pooling scarce resources such as planes, pilots and petroleum.

The questions for debate are whether we could and whether we should do this? I'm not saying we should or shouldn't but I fully expect to get slated regardless.

Funny how Thread drift has headed the conversation towards disbandment of the Royal Air Force.

As everyone knows, any cnut can be uncomfortable. The Lyneham Wing and the deployed Units put some planning, thought and effort towards the morale of the in-theatre Airmen and Officers. It was doable and they did it. The ones that didn't are now dripping like buggery. Please, Sir, it's not fair. I think history has already proven that valuable air assets and capability are in the right hands.

Have a look at current Naval war doctrine and its concentration on expeditionary warfare. The Senior Service will soon find itself working for Land forces. Divide and rule will not stop it.

Happy Crimbo.