RAF Scrambled - Cold War Deja Vu?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by chinamatelot, Jul 18, 2007.

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  1. Stand up, Bomber Queens!! Told you, Nutty - nuclear deterrence is the way forward...
  2. Well now they know we still have a functioning AEW system and have managed to scrape up a few Jets to have a look see.Wonder whats next?
  3. SSNs through the Gap?
  4. Their few is a lot more than ours!
  5. Exactly!They have more obsolescent Weaponry then we have up to date!
  6. do you think we may stop one war before we start the next or is this a second, second front!
  7. It would be a better state of affairs but then as the Man said "Alls fair in love and war!"
  8. Personally I don’t blame the Russians one jot over this as they have requested that we hand over Russians living here and we have refused so who can blame them for not handing over Alexander Lugovy. All this shenanigans is just the politicians playing the games they play. At the end of the day where trade and commerce are concerned they need us and we need them and there are certainly no alarm bells ringing in Finknottle Towers.
  9. Its not the first time this year its happened as the Daily Mail website proves from mid April
  10. But compare the crimes of those they want sent back to the crimes of those we want handed over, murder does not compare to falling out with Putin.
  11. However, Mr Boris Berezovsky has a whole lot to answer for doesn't he!
  12. PO, are you one of the 'Swoop and Troop Brigade'? Wheel the guilty bastard in!
  13. Ere be a pic of the incident.

  14. Did the bear have to slow down for the Tornado?
  15. Thats why its props are not spinning like buggery!LOL
  16. What would you rather be killed by?

    A musket ball or a parabellum?
  17. Does it make a diference?Dead is dead!

    400,000 muskets is worse than 100 GPMGs.
  18. Just reported on the norwegian news, that there has been 3 interceptions of russian bomber in the last 36 hours by the Norwegian Airforce, between Trondheim and Aberdeen, they are reporting the highest activity sine the end of the cold war. Can we buy back the Sea Harriers sold on Ebay?
  19. That was my point.

    A weapon is a weapon until it is properly and permanently deactivated, so where does the obsolescence matter?

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