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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Suffolk, May 28, 2009.

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  1. I spoke to an officer from the RAF Regiment a couple of wks ago. He did'nt talk about Big "3"'s or Elite forces, he just ran through there roles and responsibilities in a very humble and logical manner. We spoke about the loss of the rapier etc. From further research and NOT watching rocks in a hard place on the internet they seem to a well trained regiment who do there job well.

    So may I ask for your experiences of the RAF Reg, this is not fishing and I would like a balnced view if possible. Thanks for your time.

    ( I did also post an enquiry about the French FL and thanks to those who responded. And do not worry I do not intend to post with questions about every force that are not the navy :lol: )

    Thankyou again. And please excuse spelling and grammer.
  2. Dont the RAF Reg have a forum of some sort.
  3. What is this big three, i thought the pecking order was SAS,SBS then Paras and RM then Infantry along with RAF reg. I could be wrong.
  4. I thought the big 3 were Banks! :?
  5. Big Three - Sounds like the newest KFC meal deal to me!!!

  6. Oh god, lock this thread please before that Ginge chunt turns up again and we have to taunt him a second time. Fcuk off to Rocknet if you want to talk to or about these jokers.
  7. Ok thanks, this is not the site for such a question. Fair play thankyou for the replies. Please consider the question withdrawn.
  8. If it's a genuine question mate, then I suggest reading the previous threads, as this one will just turn out exactly like the others. We slag them off for thinking they are more than they are, a couple of Rockape lurkers start gobbing off then get slapped down again ad nauseum.

    They are good at their role, ie QRF and perimeter stagging. Infantrymen? Nope.
  9. I would never have thought that just one RAF trade would attract so much attention and slagging off. More indeed than all other trades together.
    The blanket stackers and the snowdrops will get jealous. :D
  10. Dont forget movers in your little list.
  11. Thankyou metimmee, I stand corrected. :)
  12. 'kin 'ell, it's started :roll:
  13. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Sometimes the classics need a re-mix.
  14. :lol:
  15. Oh christ not this again. The only respect i have for them is down to my grandad serving in them during WW2 and getting wounded doing his bit.
  16. Indeed they do mate:

  17. How did you do that you clever man. :lol:
  18. LOL quality...my wife cousin is in the RAF Regt.
  19. The Rockies on my Fire crew at RAF Honington in 73 were first class Fireman. But didn't like being called Rock Apes. The real Rock Ape Sergeant there, was full of his self, and full of piss and wind, but a Soldier he wasn't.
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