RAF Museum. Cosford

An exhibition has been opened at Cosford to celebrate ethnic diversity in the RAF.
Its purpose is to commemorate people from ethnic groups who volunteered
to join the RAF during WW2.
I recently met a 85 year old Trinidadian who was a bombaimer , we were waiting at the airport, next to us they were loading for Frankfurt. He remarked that he had been there several times during 1943/5, but only at 20,000feet. We both had a good laugh, as he said, we mustnt talk about the war!!
Were there any FAA members from ethnic groups during WW2????
I often tell those who have a fear of flying think what it was like going over Germany people trying to shoot you down. Heroes every one!

Like the young girl couple of weeks back the aircraft shuddered. She looked up and said. Thank God we have landed I hate flying Sorry that was turbulence I told her 8O :cry:

It was at Cosford few years back talking to one of the old bomber command lads showing me his log book if I recall dropping cucumbers he wrote[sea mines]

Many Walts come along to the meetings but we soon weed them out!