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Have just been home for a spot of R&R and had a nightmare journey both ways thanks to the RAF and that miserable excuse for a civilian contract company (Omni Air International) who are responsible for the main leg back to the UK.


I’m feeling a lot of hate right now and am considering a Fatwa. Anyone got any advice? All together now …. One …. two ….. three …. Breathe … four ….


It seems like you're not alone in wanting to declare a fatwa; the latest criticism of the incompetent sideways walking movers is in today's Telegraph: Tory TA major says the RAF let our troops down.

In a nutshell, he's written to the Station Commander at Akrotiri complaining that troops returning from Helmland were dicked around at Cyprus for no other reason than the convenience of crabs (shift change being cited several times). The conclusion of the letter is "Overall, it was an appalling experience that gave the impression of a station being run entirely for the convenience of the RAF (and particularly the 'shift' system) with scant if any concern for returning troops from theatre"