RAF Lyneham/Defence College of Technical Training

There was rumours that St Athan was going to be the defence college of aeronautical engineering. I think this was binned in favour of Lyneham, but in good old tradition of squeezing as much as they can on one base (see Brize Norton) it will prob also train heavy engineering too, who cares how far from the sea it is?

They best build a big married patch as house prices are sky high

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Lyneham use to have a brilliant kebab shop and Bassett provided a good pub crawl and top bangers.

Just the thoughts of a blonde ex-wren. Don't blame me if it all goes tits up.
Royal WB is still lovely and has some decent pubs, nowhere decent nearby though really compared to some of the current bases. I am sure they will manage to find entertainment...

Currently buying all the houses in calne as they are fairly cheap still.
St Athan was going to be the tri-service engineering school for all disciplines, no idea what they would have done with the Sultan and Collingwood real estate.


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There was an original plan that SULTAN was to have closed, but this seems to have died a death some time ago. Not heard any more on it for a dfew years - I think the costs involved made it not make enough sense to do.


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There are tranches planned for moving to Lynham. Sultan are under the impression they are safe til 2020-25 ish. Not long enough for any real investment in Sultans atrocious accom or facilities but long enough that something really really needs to be done.


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Spent six years in all living in Lyneham and can safely say the best things were the pick and mix shop in basset (gone) the kebab shop next to the bus shop (last I knew there were two next door to each other...run by the same guys) being close enough to swindon to frequent the top notch gay bars (pink rooms used to be open till 6am) and the Thursday night's in the bop. Aside from that it was a grim, depressing place with several run down MQ estates that are unfortunately shared with the pongos.
If the new mqs will be in Calne; I pity anyone living on the incest capital of the west country.
I don't know why they keep on mooting this idea nobody wants it. The army couldn't totally leave Bordon as they were struggling to get planning permission for a training area large enough for recce mechs. Seemingly locals didn't like the idea of a huge area full of old wrecked wagons that needed pulling out several times a week resulting in huge damage to the landscape everytime.
Seemingly its going ahead regardless. To be honest there are so many military bases around the area that people probably wouldn't be that bothered. If you aren't woken up by military aircraft at an ungodly hour or hit on by a group of army chaps at the pub then it isnt a Wiltshire night out. Salisbury is expanding as well so perhaps they have a plan for some stuff to be divvied out or something- who knows.


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Not gonna happen. The RN has (and always had) no appetite to move RN Air and Marine Engineering away from the waterfront. The St Athan fiasco (caused by two bidders - Metrix and MC3 who as good as merged once the winning bid was chosen, so that was clever, wasn't it?) showed exactly how little they cared for and planned for Marine Engineering to move when the footprint of the new superhangar was revealed and it had practically no RN involvement. When the Defence Review was tabled in 2010 the CLD in Sultan was a joyous affair, with the CO almost punching the air (after revealing the Ark Royal **** up to us all) because the uptake of instructors to move up to the sticks in south Wales was pitiful and it was generally agreed Jack would just be a lodger on the site. Se also Lyneham. It's all very well letting bean counters plan your military training, but as I experienced when I showed Metrix and MC3 round Sultan in 2005 and they baulked at the fact that there was so much listed real estate that they couldn't bulldoze and build a fancy college for all to us and rake in cash for substandard output, the reality is that the sufferers of this negligence is matelots out at sea. For info: one of them wanted the Polo Fields - the place where RN and the local community bond firmly twice a year in the Summer and Winter and DMarE's sporting aspirations lay - to be concreted over and made into a tank park.

I know a few instructors at Bordon, and they are definately moving their driver and technical training to Lyneham next year. One I know has already moved to RWB and commutes to Bordon daily by motorcycle!!
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Arborfield (REME TECH Training) is moving start of next year, Bordon will follow soon enough, It is down as a tri Service training establishment but whether that happens in the end we shall see.

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