RAF Jaguars

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by higthepig, Apr 26, 2007.

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  1. The RAF are told no more Jaguars as of the end of this week, short notice for the Crabs, cost cutting again, In the Scottish Daily Mail to-day but can`t find a link.
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    There's only 10 left now anyway higgy, still deprives a valueble training tool for FAC's etc.

    Dont see many politicians cutting back on any of their personal perks and expenses though to save a bit of cash do we eh?
  3. So that's how B'Liar found the money to save the Red Arrows?
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Never liked the Ford version of them anyway- stick with Daimler chaps.
  5. They were always very good Tac Recce assets and the US really appreciated them over many years on Operation Northern Watch. I think that capability has been picked up by Tornados now and a rationalisation of the orbat has to be a good thing for costs, however, we should acknowledge that they were good at what they did, even if they were originally developed as an advanced jet trainer!
  6. I suspect that was in reality one of those euphemistic procurement stories like 'through deck cruiser'
  7. Maxi,

    Smoothbore is correct. The original spec for what became the Jag originated in the mid 60's to provide a single seat CAS/BAI jet and a twin seat advanced trainer for the RAF and French AF/Navy. When the latter version became too expensive the Hawk/Alpha jet resulted and the twin sticker was used only for conversion trg. The French also cancelled their naval variant (not before it had flown off their carriers) and developed the Super Etendard.

    More discussion on the retirement of the Jag on ARRSE here.

  8. It has provoked outrage among Jaguar crews, who were given just a week’s notice to wrap up all missions.

    The early disbandment of Jaguars — which have been in use for 33 years and only recently had a multi-million pound upgrade — will mean an RAF shortfall for more than a year.

    Was this not the same case with the Phantom??
  9. The F-4s were canned earlier than originally envisaged in about 92 as RAFG wound down. There had been plans to upgrade them with new avionics to maintain them until Typhoon came along (ala Luftwaffe) but this upgrade had already been binned. However, they still had far more notice than this and there was not such a high operational demand for the F-4's capabilities.

    At a time when there is heavy demand for CAS and CAS capable aircraft to train FACs etc, this is a disappointing decision. It will be all the more disappointing if the Saudi Typhoon purchase delays declaration of an RAF CAS capability.

  10. I suppose that the aircrew will have to settle for a Porsche or Morgan instead.
  11. One of my best drafts was 2 year at Coltishall with 41(f)Sqn, shame to see them gone.

  12. Yes and Sea Harrier - only some of the airframes wern't 30 years old
  13. Folks, why worry. If hostilities do break out, at least the BBMF can get the Lancaster into front line use again - wooooooooo, the RAF do have a bomber force after all.....

    And I guess we could use the Spitifre/Hurricanes for CAS
  14. Spoke to some of the Jaguar RAF groundcrews about this very situation when I was on Magic Carpet. They said that the airframes were well past their flying hours and were suffering massively from fatgue cracks - they reckoned they were flying on a wing and prayer much of the time.
  15. I don't doubt that the Jag had to go & it's right to rationalise airframe types where possible but to move them from Coltishall to Coningsby just 13 months ago (I think) & then to give just 3 days notice that the OSD has been brought forward massively, leaving uncertainty over short to medium term "employment" does show how BADLY broke the defence budget really is. Its a fact that Iraq & Afghanistan are bleeding us dry with no extra money available from the treasury.

    There will be more cut backs to come & they will be more drastic than this, IMHO.
  16. Way its going, will have a Joint Force.

    1 Guy with a row boat (Navy)
    1 Guy with a hanhglider (RAF)
    1 Guy with a spear who keeps running round shouting 'Dont Panic' (Army)

    And a s%$t load of bods in suits blaming the previous goverment for the rat shite state of the country (MPs)

    But, when Labour blame 'The Last Government' do they not remember tha the last elected government was in fact LABOUR......
  17. PartTimer,

    We have dozens of them in stroage with low fatigue indexes. Remember that the Jag was meant to soldier on until 09 under the original Typhoon plans.

    It's right to rationalise aircraft. If it was up to me I'd bin the GR4 fleet for Tranche 3 Typhoons from 2012 ish, and an expanded purchase of JCA and TLAM. The money saved from the early retirement of the GR4 could fund all the bells and whistles we want on JCA and Typhoon.

    What I don't agree with is the increasingly common habit of taking 'capability holidays' until replacements are put into service (eg FA2-JCA, Canberra PR9-ASTOR/MQ-9. This move has saved absolute peanuts.

    Perhaps if the faceless civil servants only got the same allowances as the military (especially on detachment) or didn't spend millions of pounds renovating the Basra Palace pool and bar for themselves, we wouldn't need to make such cuts. I think this weekend I'm going to request via FOI the figures for how much taxpayers money the FCO has spent on reconstruction in Basra in comparison to how much they spent on the pool/bar/hardened en suite accommodation which they refused to allow the military to use even when they vacated it for hotels in Kuwait.

  18. That man there! STAND FAST!!!!

    Enough with this rational, economically sensible and intelligent assessment of our strike needs! :wink:

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