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RAF Hercules Destroyed - Iraq 13/02/07


War Hero
Hope it was Fully Comprehensive, not third party!

An RAF Hercules transport plane has been destroyed in southern Iraq after it was damaged in an "incident" on landing, the Ministry of Defence said.
Two people suffered minor injuries in Monday's incident, after which the C130 plane was destroyed because of the potential risk involved in recovery.

A military spokesman in Basra said there was no evidence of hostile action during the landing in Maysan province.

The plane, based at RAF Lyneham, had been on a routine re-supply journey.

It landed 20km north of Al-Amarah at about 2010 local time (1710GMT).

The two people injured were taken to hospital, but the spokesman would not confirm if they were military personnel.

'Potential risk'

The Hercules could not safely be recovered and was destroyed by coalition forces three hours later, said the Basra-based spokesman.

An investigation was underway, he added.

The MoD said the plane was "significantly damaged" during landing, which led to the site being secured and a "thorough assessment" being carried out.

"It was concluded that the aircraft could not be recovered without exposing our personnel to undue risk," said a spokesman.

He went on: "There was also a potential risk that anti-Iraqi forces might obtain information on specialist equipment.

"The aircraft was therefore safely destroyed by multinational forces."

The MoD stressed the aircraft had been making "a routine landing on a tactical landing zone" and the plane had not been shot down.

I hope the injured guys recover soon.
they should have sent me over there - give me a spanner, a hammer and 30 minutes and i could definitely get the thing broke.

dont believe ask my old AEO,
A good friend of mine (drinking buddy) flies those things. He used to be happy but the things are worn out! He's more worried about the things falling apart rather than getting shot down. He's in the Air Evaluation Unit, so I "think" he knows what he's talking about.
Great phots as well!
Can't put it here so it'll be in the gallery "Lotasand"
Jumped out of many.

Hot smelly stinky. And that was just the crew!! Only joking lads!

Nice to see it was just material that we lost and not human life!!

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