RAF: "Four Lightning jets of 617 Squadron Are Currently Refuelling Off The Coast Of Canada On Their Way To The UK & Their New Home Of RAF Marham."


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"The dawn of a new era: This morning, four Lightning jets of 617 Squadron departed MCAS Beaufort SC. They will arrive at RAF Marham this evening, the new home of the Lightning Force."
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Navy News:

"Here they come... the first four British F-35Bs are homeward bound from the USA, ready to make their debut at RAF Marham later today.

Two RAF and two RN pilots are in the cockpits of the fifth-generation stealth jets for the 6,000-mile-plus flight from the USMC air station at Beaufort to Norfolk.

Several RAF tankers have been airborne to refuel the Lightning IIs on their transatlantic passage, which air and ground crews on both sides of the ocean have been preparing for over several months.

More than £500m has been spent upgrading Marham to accommodate the stealth fighters... when they're not operating from the decks of HMS Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales."


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Nice to see a Naval ground crew waiting for them.

Would have thought they would have been extended weekend leave!