RAF Doctor stands Court Martial

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Jenny_Dabber, Mar 22, 2006.

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  1. Hmmmm, should he or shouldn't he? He signed the dotted line when he joined, unless he has a good enough excuse then he should go. Ok, so he said because Iraq hadn't attacked the UK, there was no need to invade. Alot of people don't agree but put up and shut up, don't like it, bang your notice in.

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  2. We he certainly took his time deciding that it was against his conscience to serve in Iraq having served there twice previously, the outcome of his trial should it come to that will be interesting.
  3. Well the judge has said "None of the orders given to the defendant in this case was an order to do something which was unlawful," so it looks like he is going to be found guilty.

  4. I agree. I knew that when I was 16! If a rating had behaved like that his (and now: her) steaming bats wouldn't have hit the deck hard enough. But then we must remember he's an officer. :x
  5. Up until 1991 the local doctor in my village enjoyed all the benfits and perks of life as a doctor in the TA, though he managed to get out of most exercises and drills. So off we went to Iraq/Kuwait in 91 and there's a need for TA medical staff - and he was suddenly out of it, resigned commission etc.

    This RAF doctor who thinks he shouldn't go to Iraq - he cites the fact that Iraq hadn't invaded the UK so he decides he needn't join in. Just as well plenty of people felt differently in 1939, when Germany hadn't attacked the UK.
  6. The Judge has already said his fundamental arguement that the order was illegal is wrong so I suspect he is going to pay the price for his political action. I do hope his punishment is adequate to encourage others that trying to make political points whilst still wearing the Queens uniform is not an acceptable course of action.

  7. It was always going to be difficult for a doc to argue illegal orders! If he was a bomber pilot, then fair enough, but I can't see how going in and patching a few people up could constitute a crime of aggression.
  8. Who says its a moral decision, perhaps his hotel wasn't up to scratch.
  9. There where actually Reservists called up in 2003 who claimed they didn't realise that being in the RNR meant they could be called up and go to war. We now have to tell every new entry during the joining interview that this might be a possiblity.
  10. Like you and Geoff, I can remember this when I was in the RNXS on President in 1991. The navy in its wisdom had sought to recruit city workers earlier into the RNR, who we shared President with, and suddenly when the possibility of being called up arose there were people who claimed that they hadn't realised they were liable to call-up. To be fair, in many cases they thought the callout would only occur in a "real" war like one against the russkies, but still, they should have known better. The reality was, I suspect, that they would be giving up (temporarily) exceptionally well paid jobs for service pay! A culture shock greater than the Ganges Annexe perhaps? Then again, perhaps not. There were many RNXS'ers (mostly ex-RN) willing to go: those of us involved in NCS for example, but we weren't wanted. Admittedly several of us were not very mobile, but being on Comms duty in the Ops.Room is hardly ardious.

    I must admit, I rather miss teleprinters and punched paper tape :) Perhaps Commcen Whitehall might let me "in" during lunch hour at work to keep my TP skills up to form, though perhaps they don't have TPs today? :oops:
  11. Methinks he should kiss the 'Gunner's Daughter' the mutinous f****r.
  12. Gents,

    As per policy elsewhere, the discussion of pending or in session Courts-Martial is not allowed on this forum.

    As has been proven on the other means, the temptation for friends of the accused to put in a 'few good words' , while understandable can also lead to problems.

    Therefore, I'd ask you to refrain from commentary until the case reaches conclusion.

    Thread Locked.

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